10 Tips to Stay Fashionable as a New Mom

The arrival of the baby changes everything around you. The baby in your arm demands more of your body, mind, space, and time. If we learn to look beyond the hassles of early parenting days, it truly the best chance to rediscover ourselves. What better than to go for a completely new and upgraded wardrobe for yourself! There is a […]

8 Constant Makeup Blunders That Most Women Make and Their Fixes

From the teenage, you try your hand at applying makeup to get it perfect one day. For that, you spend hours struggling in front of the makeup mirror, and most of your twenties pass by. Though the internet is bustling with the makeup hacks showing makeup for teenage beginners, you end up making mistakes from which you are unaware. Just […]

What’s the best skincare routine?

It’s best to develop a routine to really see and sustain healthy clear skin. Once you do it a few times it will become quick and easy and eventually second nature. Just get in the habit of doing what you need to do to achieve the results you’re looking for. Step 1: Cleansing For best results, cleanse your skin at […]

Beautify Your Eyes with Affordable Eyeko Products

When it comes to creating spectacular eyes, there is nothing better for perfection than a little fancy makeup. From mascara and liner to eye shadow and more, Eyeko offers everything you need to get for your looks. The site itself is easy to navigate, with a clear presentation of products and other services. They are passionate about their work and […]

8 Ways To Paint Your Short Nails

Most women like to wear beautiful, well-decorated nails. If you are one of those who think you can not do it unless you have them long, we show you in this article how to paint your nails if we have them very short. How to paint short nails to make them look long Here are some ideas to get very […]

How to make your own coffee scrub?

Recently I received a chic coffee scrub as a gift from someone, which I also found super fine. When I looked at the ingredients list in the shower, I thought: I can make this myself. I’m not much of a tinkerer, but this is so simple that even I make it. So today I am going to share how to […]