What Is Mangalsutra Necklace?

Tying the Mangalsutra in Hindu marriages is one of the holiest and auspicious rituals. A Mangalsutra is generally a holy black and gold beaded necklace with a golden pendant that a bridegroom ties around the neck of her wife during a ritual called Mangalaya Dharanam in an Indian Hindu marriage. The answer to the question ‘what is Mangalsutra’ and ‘Importance […]

Getting Your Body in Shape For Your Wedding Day

One might think that once you found the right venue, decided on the overall theme, and sent out those invitations, most of the wedding planning is done already. But this is just the start of your wedding journey (and stress!) – start to get your Body in Shape For Your Wedding Day. With the external pressures of wedding planning, you […]

Top Indian Wedding Lehenga for Brides

As COVID-19 continues to grow in India, it is highly unlikely that we will see huge gatherings, and the wedding will remain a private activity in 2021. Thanks to virtual meetings and online meetings, an hour’s millennial Wedding Lehenga for Brides remains sure of what is needed.  And full of traditional mind that when she is aware of the guarantee, […]

Tips for Buying a wedding dress from China

It’s no secret that China is the new digital hub when it’s coming to shopping online and the wedding dress is no different. Wedding dresses from China or products from China are often criticized due to low quality, long delivery time, and countless other reasons. Yet, one thing remaining which is China offers the cheapest price for literally anything. Buy […]

Tropical Flowers to Make Your Wedding Damn Successful

The most important part of our life is our wedding. On this day, two souls promise each other to stay together for the rest of their life. Thus, such an important day should be planned in the best possible way so that it can reside in your happy memories forever. To do the same, we can take the help of […]

Top Tips for Picking the Right Wedding Catering Enfield

A wedding day is a special day for everyone who is going to marry and wedding catering is its important deal. All lucky people who are planning for a wedding, they want everything should be a perfect way. Everyone has a wish that their wedding day should be special that people could remember this day for a long time. At […]