Best Mehendi Designs for KarwaChauth 2022

The karwachauth is the Indian festival which is celebrated as in ritual of Indian Married Women keeping fast for a day long from sunrise to moon-rise for her husband to wish the long life. To complete the ritual of fasting women so the “Saaj Shringar” as the signature of marriage and Mehendi is also one of that. Mehendi is the […]

Ulta Vada Pav Recipe-Fun-Flip Food

Are you a street food lover? If yes, you must try “Ulta Vada Pav”, it is fun of making in the reverse of a regular vada pav. As you sandwich the vada in a regular bun to make regular vada pav and in “Ulta Vada Pava Recipe” the buns are held inside a vada. If you are good at cooking […]

Guide to Make a Video Collage of Your Kitchen and Living Room

Add more flair to your home interiors and important areas of your house by transforming simple video clips into amazing, shareable, and eye-catching video collages (Video Collage of Your Kitchen and Living Room). Your Kitchen and Living Room are some of the key areas of your home that depict functionality, décor, aesthetics, and overall impression of the house. You may […]

Design your Dream Home: Expert Guide

Developing a layout that pleases can prove to be difficult, and it is most likely that you will not get it right the first time. Therefore, do not be concerned. It is typical to undergo several drafts and modifications, tweaking the dimensions and changing the range to Design your Dream Home. After that, when it is okay, your job takes […]

10 Cheapest Backpacking Destinations in India

Are you that person who picks up a backpack and sets off on an expedition to explore a new place? If yes, then you won’t be disappointed because India has a lot to offer to those who love to travel! India is considered to be one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Let’s find the Backpacking Destinations […]

The Kedarkantha Expedition – Rendezvous with the Himalayas

The majestic Himalayas need no introduction. Its magnificence readily welcomes one and all with open arms and one never fails to get surprised and awe-inspired each time the kids to the Himalayan call. Kedarkantha, a winter trekking destination – Kedarkantha Expedition, nestled in the western Garhwal region of the Himalayas, is no exception. The gamut of hues painting the alpine […]

Begin these Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

Our body may be a beautifully designed system that functions with such panache and humility that for the foremost a part of our lives we take it without any consideration. Our body’s sewerage system, also known as the system lymphatic, is important for maintaining the amount of fluid in our bodies by removing all fluids that leak from our blood […]

Healthy snacks to munch on every day

Have you ever wondered if it’s even possible to lose weight while not giving up snacks? Snacks can help lose weight if you choose healthy, whole-food options with a lot of protein and nutrition. Some Healthy snacks to munch can stop you from feeling hungry throughout the day and limit your urges to eat junk food. Mark List fo Healthy […]

10 Most Famous Spiritual Places in India

Our country India manifests a diversity that’s truly intriguing. People of various cultural backgrounds and faiths live together in India and form the most kaleidoscopic cultural mosaic. The Northern part of India vividly exhibits various relics from our glorious, ancient past. North India is dotted with numerous magnificent temples and monuments – Famous Spiritual Places in India that have made […]