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Don’t Skip; Sunscreen Is Essential

Stepping out in the sun is the task itself with the bare skin as your bare skin tends to get more vulnerable when expose to the sun directly. Luckily, we are sorted with sunscreen to shield us against the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and the heat of the sun. Not only in summer, but even on cloudy days, our […]

Get That Celebrity Look with This Toxin-free Nude Lipstick!

Thanks to the Kardashians, nude lipstick is one of the staple items in every makeup kit. Given the hype around this fashion-forward, no-fuss trend, it looks like it is here to stay. And why not? These bare lip colors look elegant and classy and at the same time, perfectly complement the no-makeup look that is trending all over social media […]

Happy Lohri Wishes 2023, Quotes, Images and Status

Lohri is the festival celebrated in India with harvest crop which falls in Paush month. The newly harvested crop is first served to Agnidev with prayer along with peanuts, til, revdi, gajat and popcorns and take circular rounds of that fire. Celebration of Lohri together with famil and friends are not completed without Lohri wishes and memorable evening with loud […]

What First-Time Buyers Should Know About Blue Kyanite?

Millions of people worldwide invest in various precious and semi-precious stones for multiple reasons. Some view it as a secure way to diversify their investment portfolios, while others value the beauty of these naturally forming gemstones and wish to own them. Either way, the market for precious stones is ever-expanding everywhere. A specific item that has caught the attention of […]

Best Ghee Face Masks DIYs for Winter Skin Care

From ancient times ghee was considered a healthy ingredient to boost your body in every possible way. Either it is considered to eat ghee in a healthy pattern or use it for body and skin care ingredients. Here we are going to detail about using ghee for winter skin care remedies with the best and easyGhee Face Masks DIYs. Using […]