19 May, 2024
Juggling work, circle of relatives, and your very own well-being can seem like a consistent three-ring circus for married women. The days are packed, and finding a moment to respire…
Every year, Mother’s Day rolls around, and we scramble to locate the proper gift. But let’s accept it, a regularly occurring bouquet and a field of goodies, while favored, can…
Ketika Sharma has captivated audiences with her stunning true seems and easy appeal. But beyond her herbal splendor, many recognize her ability to enhance her capabilities with a hint of…
Ever flipped via a mag and favorited the one’s stunning braided hairstyles? Well, some of those complicated looks might be in the direction of accomplishing what you watched! Side 2…
Flowers have captivated humanity for centuries. Their delicate beauty transcends seasons, inspiring artists, poets, and now, tattoo fanatics. Delicate flower tattoos have blossomed in reputation, offering a timeless way to…

Top 5 Best Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Married Sister

The most special day for the siblings is the day of the festival of Raksha Bandhan. This is because this lovely festival is meant for them, and it represents their pure and unbreakable bond. It does not only consist of the rakhi tying ceremony, but it also has the power that provides more strength to […]

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The merger of New Aesthetics and Old-Fashioned Norms of Fashion In 2020

Fashion could be anything. Fashion doesn’t necessarily need to have the classics.  But it always needs to have the aesthetics. Without classics, things can be bearable but without aesthetics, things cannot be as amazing as the audience wants. What about bringing both of the things into a possible merger? Wouldn’t that be a great source […]

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Best Relationships Ideas from Pros that can Turn Loyalties towards You

It is far easier to fall into a relationship but it is far difficult to keep the pace of that relationship. Relationships break. Why? Because of the minor issues. Though these minor issues can easily be solved by both individuals concerned. How not to let the relationship break? Here’s how not to. 1  Be Truthful […]

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Celebrate Rakhi Festival & Send the Best Rakhi Gifts

Raksha-Bandhan, better known as the Rakhi festival is one of the most joyful festivals in India that is celebrated every year on the day of “Shravana Purnima” in the month of August. This annual celebration is solely dedicated to the strong bond between brothers and sisters, which is unique among all festivals in the world. […]

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10 Incredible Things To Do In Dubai On Your First Visit

Dubai can be rightly referred to as the land of super mirages and all added to lifestyles with magnificence, if you are planning to visit the first time in the metropolis stunned to the core. Just pack your bags and get your emirates reservations to reach this amazing place and do these incredible things. Here […]

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8 Constant Makeup Blunders That Most Women Make and Their Fixes

From the teenage, you try your hand at applying makeup to get it perfect one day. For that, you spend hours struggling in front of the makeup mirror, and most of your twenties pass by. Though the internet is bustling with the makeup hacks showing makeup for teenage beginners, you end up making mistakes from […]

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Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Space

It is quite challenging to design bathroom layouts, especially when there is limited space for the bathroom. If you have a small space for your bathroom, you need to act smart and find the best small bathroom ideas that make the area functional. But, ensure to keep Vastu tips for bathroom in mind when choosing the small […]

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Buy Khaddi Net Clothes Summer Collection of Uraan with Chiffon Dupatta

Is your wardrobe filled with plain lawn suits this summer? Or are you unsure about what to buy this season? You can now add more variety to your wardrobe and make a fashion statement with your outfit this summer.  Women require more than just lawn suits in the summer. There are dinners to attend to, […]

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