What are the benefits of honey lemon?
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What are the benefits of honey lemon?

Although honey lemon has the image that it seems to be effective after sports or when you have a cold, it has a surprising impact on beauty and health.

Beauty effect of honey lemon

Metabolism promotion

Citric acid contained in lemon changes fat and sugar into energy and promotes metabolism.

Metabolism breaks down unnecessary sugar and fat in the body. It can be expected for a diet and a beautiful skin effect.

Anti-aging effect

Vitamin C contained in lemon has the function of producing collagen and suppressing melanin production, which is the source of spots.

Also, citric acid, which also contains lemon, has an antioxidant effect, and protects cells from ultraviolet rays. Citric acid stimulates metabolism, which also promotes skin turnover.

Diet effect

Although honey has 20% fewer calories than sugar, it is about 3 times as sweet as sugar!

It is said that when you want a sweet product during dieting, you can get satisfaction even with a small amount, and it quickly turns into energy, so it is less fat than sugar.

Eye fatigue recovery

Lutein contained in honey is effective in relieving eye fatigue.

Eyes that are overused daily on PCs and smartphones. When your eyes get tired, it feels like your eyes are dripping, and you are aging at once. On the contrary, the clearer the eyes, the brighter the facial expressions. Super P Force and Tadarise 20 are temporary premature ejaculation improving drugs.

Bad breath measures

Vitamin C contained in lemon has an antibacterial effect, and saliva is secreted a lot due to sourness, so it suppresses the growth of sterilization in the mouth and prevents bad breath.

Since honey suppresses the activity of mutant bacteria, it is less likely to cause tooth decay.

And since honey also adjusts the intestinal environment, it is also useful in preventing bad breath caused by gastrointestinal function.

The health benefits of honey lemon

Immunity improvement

Vitamin C in lemon kills pathogenic bacteria and protects the body from active oxygen that is harmful to health by its antioxidant effect.

Gluconic acid is contained in honey and has the function of increasing lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, which are useful in the intestine.

This intestinal environment is essential for improving immunity.

70% of the body’s immune cells that control the body’s immunity are in the intestine. By adjusting the function of the intestine, it leads to improvement of immunity.

Bactericidal effect

Since ancient times, honey has been used not only for oral administration but also for surgical treatment of burns and skin diseases due to its high nutrient content.

Its strong bactericidal effect has been scientifically proven.

It has the effect of suppressing bacterial growth, such as the killing of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella typhi, Shigella, and Helicobacter pylori by the application of honey.

It was revealed that this is because, in addition to the bactericidal activity of gluconic acid contained in honey, an enzyme called glucose oxidase produces hydrogen peroxide (a component of disinfectant oxide), which has a vigorous bactericidal activity.

Fatigue recovery effect

The main components of honey are glucose and fructose, which are monosaccharides.

Once monosaccharides enter the body, they do not need to be further decomposed, so they are quickly digested and absorbed by the body as energy.

Also, citric acid contained in lemon has a fatigue recovery effect.

Are you tired? In that case, or after eating sports, eating honey lemon is the best way to recover from fatigue.

For sore throat and Stomatitis

Gluconic acid in honey has a bactericidal effect, and the high viscosity and moisturizing power unique to love can protect mucous membranes.

It recommends for throat irritation and stomatitis.

Preventing and eliminating hangovers

The fructose contained in honey accelerates the decomposition of alcohol.

The decomposed alcohol is excreted outside the body by vitamin C, often contained in honey lemon.

Also, the pantothenic acid in honey has the effect of strengthening the liver, so it is also useful in preventing a hangover.

Eating honey lemons before and after drinking will refresh your awakening the next morning.

Prevent arteriosclerosis

A component called choline contained in honey is said to prevent arteriosclerosis.

Choline dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. And of lousy cholesterol to the blood vessel wall

It has the function of preventing deposition.

Vitamin C in lemon has the function of removing active oxygen that causes arteriosclerosis and strengthening blood vessels.

There is a polyphenol in the white area between the lemon zest and the fruit.

It is desirable to eat honey lemons with the skin because polyphenols prevent the production of substances that cause arteriosclerosis.

And, vitamin C destroys by heating, so eat without heating.

Good sleep effect

A component called limonene in lemon peel emits alpha waves from the brain, and you can expect a relaxing effect.

Honey is also rich in tryptophan, which is needed to secrete serotonin, which relieves stress. Tryptophan has a sedative effect, reduces stress, and improves the quality of sleep.

You can expect a good sleep effect by taking honey lemon about 1 hour before bedtime. If you use hot honey lemon with lukewarm water as a bath, your body will be warmed, and the relaxing effect will be further improved.

Dementia prevention effect

The latest research has announced that flavonoids and propolis in honey prevent inflammation of brain cells and avoid dementia.

It is in LPS, the causative agent of dementia.

LPS is a toxin produced by indigenous bacteria in the body, and everyone has it.

If it increases abnormally for some reason, brain cells become inflamed and die, leading to the development of dementia.

The excellent antibacterial action of honey leads to dementia prevention.

Limonene, which contains in lemon peel, also activates the brain and has a relaxing effect, so honey lemon is synergistic and good for the brain.

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