Why Burrata Cheese Is Famously Called Italian Cheese Queen?
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Why Burrata Cheese Is Famously Called Italian Cheese Queen?

Italy is the one country that has the largest variety of cheeses in the whole world. In total, the cheeses produced here is 2,000. In which almost 500 are produced commercially and more than 50 of them are allowed to be produced all across Europe.

Is Queen Burrata Cheese Famous?

In the beginning in Italy and today all around the world, Burrata Cheese is famously known as the “Queen” of Italian cheese. The reason for calling her that is unknown but it has been in the Italian tradition for at least a century.

Why Is Burrata Cheese So Famous?

Although there are many varieties of cheeses that are popular in Italy burrata has a special place in the traditions of Italy. It has a creamy and smooth texture and whoever has tasted it has undoubtedly stated that they haven’t enjoyed anything like this in their lives.

The Literary Meaning Of Burrata

Burrata is a typical Italian word that translates buttery. When you look at the cheese; it will seem to you as you are looking at a rounded pillow with a knot on top. It is a semi-solid cheese that has a softshell. Inside the cheese is soft, lumpy and curded.

What Region Is The Origin Place?

The most famous burrata cheese is from the southern region of Italy. When you trace back the production of the cheese; you will see that the whole of the Italian heel also known as Puglia is famous for it. But it is the main city of Andria that is its birthplace.

It Is Made By Artisans And Fresh

Amongst all other Italian cheeses, the burrata is the youngest of all. Other cheeses have a long history that goes back almost thousands of years. But burrata is the one that has been developed in the 1900s. As other cheese types are made through machines; this Queen cheeses can only be crafted by hand.

How Is This Cheese Produced?

The process of producing burrata is pretty much the same as making mozzarella. The curds are mixed into warm milk. After that, it is dropped into hot water and stretched for the outer shell. The leftover mozzarella is mixed with cream and filled into the outer shell.

The Mass Production Of Burrata Cheese

It was not until the 1950s that burrata cheese became known to the world. After that many cheese producing companies and businesses started mass production. They considered it as the best way of utilizing the leftovers and scraps of mozzarella cheese.

Where You Can Buy Burrata Cheese?

Today you will find numerous Italian food shops including Burrata House that have this cheese available at all times. You can either visit the shops in person or order it online. Many people don’t trust the shops but they have to because it has to be eaten fresh.

Are There Any Varieties Of Burrata?

Traditionally Burrata cheese is made from milk of cow which is blended with cream and curding agent. But at times buffalo’s milk can also be substituted for the cow’s milk. As this cheese reached the USA; the goat’s milk was also used.

Is There Any Difference Between Mozzarella And Burrata?

Burrata cheese can be said as a by-product of the mozzarella as the outer shell and the inside of the cheese are both mozzarellas. Both belong to the semi-soft variety of Italian cheese. The main difference is that burrata has a creamy texture; whereas mozzarella is harder.

What Is The Period Of Its Eating?

Unlike the other Italian cheese variety that can be eaten up till a week or even month. The burrata cheese has to be consumed within 24 hours of its production. But you should eat it as early as possible.

In What Ways The Burrata Cheese Is Served?

Many people think that it is eaten only as it is made. But when you search the internet and type burrata cheese recipes; you will find that some many recipes and dishes are associated with it. The following are a few famous ways that burrata is served in Italy and all across the world.

Served As It Is

When you take a look at the cheese; you will see that its shape is like a pillow and because of the creamy and tangy taste it is served as it is. It can be drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper are sprinkled.

Topped On Fruits And Vegetables

Vegetable salads are the perfect partner for the burrata cheese. Tomatoes are the best laid on a plate and topped with burrata to have the ideal meal. Cherries and strawberries also go very well with it.

Paired With Pasta

Pasta is one Italian staple food that can be combined with almost all things; except seafood. A properly prepared pasta can be served with burrata on top.

Cut And Spread On Breads

Some people prefer to have their world-famous Burrata Cheese spread on different types of slices of bread. Up till now, you must have known why this cheese is called the “Queen”.

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