Comparing Cup Sizes: A vs. B vs. C vs. D Cup Size
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Comparing Cup Sizes: A vs. B vs. C vs. D Cup Size

You have to run several checks while purchasing your bra right from its quality to the fit. Your girlfriends and female companions may recommend numerous women’s bra options; however, it is essential to consider your body structure and comfort with comparing cup sizes.

Initially, it can be challenging to understand whether to pick 26A or 27D based on your body frame. Apart from this, there is a constant loop at the back of your mind as to do you need different sizes for different bra styles.

Every woman you ask will give you a different answer and hence it is wiser to ask an expert like Wacoal. You can drop by the Wacoal store to meet an expert and get answers to all your queries.

If not, you can visit the Wacoal online store to check out the available bra sizes, fabrics, styles, and other options available for you.

You can begin your journey with the help of the online bra calculator. This calculator will guide you to measure yourself correctly and find your right cup size. Remember that the right cup size ensures that you eliminate common bra issues such as bulges, rashes, and others and wear a fit bra.

This right-fitted bra molds your cups securely and hence you need to know your cup size. Women bra size is different from its cup size and you should avoid confusing the two.

The best way to understand bra sizes is to note that cup sizes are measured in alphabetical order starting from A to D are common sizes. A few websites offer additional E to G sizes to meet the requirements of women.

This probably means that a woman with smaller busts may need an A-cup bra while one with fuller busts needs a D-cup bra.

A And B Cups

Both these cups are suitable for smaller busts but they offer different kinds of fit to your body. A few women ignore the right cups as they have smaller busts. Regardless of your bust size, it is essential to wear the right size A or B for the right posture and support.

You can pick a cup A or B sports bra for your workout routine to protect your breast tissues and muscles. An A-cup bra suits the best for a small-frame woman as it gives you a flawless silhouette, fit, and health benefits. However, if an A-cup causes spillage or feels uncomfortable, then you can switch to cup B size. 

The cup B bra is easy to enhance which gives you a refined look. For instance, a cup B bralette is comfy to wear and allows you to flaunt your busts with confidence.

C and D Cups

The C cup is said to be an interesting size as it marks the transition from smaller to larger bust size. This does not mean that other bra sizes have limited bra options. At Wacoal, you can find all bra styles in all bra cup sizes from a padded bra to bralettes.

You are not restricted to compromise on your top wear or switch to traditional bras. Instead, choose a C-cup size bra that offers you the right fit and shape.

You can purchase a T-shirt padded bra that can be worn at corporate events and home. The choice of bra style, fabric, design, and framework depends on your apparel or personal preferences.

Simultaneously, a D-size cup bra offers additional support with a slight lift needed for fuller busts. Alongside these, there are specialized DD-cup bras designed with underwires such as the minimizer bra. These bras offer additional support and lift due to their underwire.

Apart from these, E, F, and G cup sizes are available on the Wacoal website which you can try if your busts are fuller than size D.

Wacoal For Women Bra

Aura Non-Wired Padded Bra

This is a T-shirt made from jacquard fabric and designed with adequate coverage. The free-cut design gives you a stylish look and is comfortable for everyday wear. This smooth-fabric bra has wide straps that support your back and chest adequately. This bra is suitable for low-intensity workouts as the side panels offer ample support to your chest. You can check the availability of your size as the bra is available in all sizes.

Evy Lace Wired Padded Bra

This lace bra is supportive, fancy, comfortable, and suitable for tops with fancy necklines. This is a medium-coverage bra combined with built-up lace camisole straps. The band under the cups offers you adequate support and enhances your body shape.

This bra is said to be apt for women with round and petite busts, however, you can try its fit regardless of your size. You can check these and other bra style options in your size. The Wacoal website is designed for your convenience to pick the bra style and size of your choice. You do not have to compromise on your lingerie desires, instead choose fancy bra styles along with the right fit and ample support.

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