All you need to know about Gokarna Beach Trek

All you need to know about Gokarna Beach Trek

One can reach Belakan by auto from Gokarna town for Gokarna Beach Trek. There are many other ways through which people can trek, either from Kumta to Gokarna or the other way round. The Belakang beach is surrounded by small villages where you can see lots of shacks and small houses.

Village people will be engaged in their daily households. The road ends there and the rest is a deep forest trail. While walking straight on the road, people encounter small rivers. The path is not so tough and will be like an easy walk in between trees.

Gokarna beach is so vast that it has got his name as ‘Beach Town’ on the shore of the Arabian Sea which is famous for its own six beautiful beaches and the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva.

How to reach Gokarna Beach?

Gokarna is located in Karnataka just a few hours away from Goa and Bangalore. Although it does not have any airport, it is well-connected by road to all major cities.


Dabolim airport in Goa is the nearest airport to Gokarna which is about 140 km away. The airport is well connected by flights to Indian and international cities.


The nearest railway station is Ankola, which is about 20 km away from Gokarna. Trains from several cities including Mangalore, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, and Veraval close down at the station.

The Six of One

Belakang Beach – Starting Point of Gokarna Beach Trek

Belakang beach is a happy and peaceful and cheerful beach where people can just relax at the shore or go on a ferry ride and enjoy the views around. On this beach, people have a choice of cliff diving spot where they basically dive into water from a height of around 15 feet, regardless to say it is safe with full off adventure.

So anyone can jump from the sky and dive into the salty sea. People trek through the woods for almost about 1.5 kilometers to reach the next beach. This trail is very pleasant to walk and is very easy to complete. While going through this trial a person can find greenery all around can enjoy the silence of the jungle.

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is considered as the beach to camp. Breaking the silence of the Jungle brings Paradise Beach with some humongous waves. After reaching the Paradise beach there are possibilities to find people with tents camping there and basking in the sun. People generally do some relaxing there. Also one can get some picture perfect clicks from the view.

Half Moon Beach

After the Paradise beach, the next beach to visit is at Half-moon beach. It is basically a half-moon shaped beach surrounded by the blanket green flora stretching along the beach. People can do many fun activities there like swimming or just relax and see the tides dancing. After revitalizing, people prepare themselves for the next amazing beach which is again just a cliff ahead.

Om Beach

From the half Moon beach, people need to climb and cross a huge sea cliff to reach Om Beach. It is called Om Beach because the beach is exactly Om shaped. After reaching the top of the cliff, one can enjoy the beautiful sea. People also encounter dolphins jumping in and out of the sea. That is why this point is the dolphin point. After getting down the cliff a person directly lands on the Om Beach. And if a person has a Drone, they can also enjoy the top view of the beach and hence they get the entire picture of the Om Beach.

Kudle Beach – A Sunset point

For trekking from the Om beach to Kudle beach, again people need to cross a small jungle which has a proper laid out path with steps. The same path ends at Kudle beach. It is the comparatively biggest beach in Gokarna. It is also the spot where maximum foreigners visit for tanning themselves. The Kudle beach with its appearance gives a glance as if one is standing at the last land and the next is the endless seawater. Enjoying the beautiful sunset at the beach and clicking amazing snapshots at the beach makes this beach too much attractive to the people. A lot of people play beach football and volleyball and enjoy their time spending there making it totally memorable.

Gokarna Beach

Trek from Kudle beach to Gokarna beach has several small houses on the way. After walking some distance people reach Gokarna beach. Winds in this beach are a little strong, and end up painting the people with beach sand. Altogether a person will have great fun at the beach creating nice memories at the Gokarna beach. There are many food stalls at the outside of Gokarna beach where people can have mouth watering foods.

What should we pack on a beach trek?

  • Long-sleeve shirt that can dry easily,
  • Light down jackets,
  • Waterproof pants,
  • Thermal undergarments.

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