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Buy Khaddi Net Clothes Summer Collection of Uraan with Chiffon Dupatta

Buy Khaddi Net Clothes Summer Collection of Uraan with Chiffon Dupatta

Is your wardrobe filled with plain lawn suits this summer? Or are you unsure about what to buy this season? You can now add more variety to your wardrobe and make a fashion statement with your outfit this summer. 

Women require more than just lawn suits in the summer. There are dinners to attend to, shopping to go to and so much more. Women can’t just spend all summer in plain and boring suits. Keeping this in mind, Pakistan’s most well-known brand has introduced the Uraan collection. The Uraan collection is the khaddi cotton net collection of 2020. This collection has suits that deliver high-quality luxurious khaddi net dresses to women of all ages and size. 

Khaddi Net is a conventional fabric of Pakistan that is produced using antiquated techniques of craftsmanship. The Khaddi cotton net suits are timeless and never get out of fashion. Their simplicity and elegance are unique from other fabrics. 

Ideal For Summer Season

Khaddi net dresses are suitable for wearing in any season. With temperatures rising in the country, women want to wear clothes that are suitable according to the weather and make them look classy too. Khaadi net dupattas fabric is ideal for this season and makes the woman wearing it look great too. The colors and prints are designed beautifully keeping in mind the heat. The prints and embroidery are cool and give its customers a peace of mind just by looking at them. 

For your special moments

This year’s Khaddi cotton net collection 2020 is ideal for ladies wanting to add something colorful and interesting in their wardrobe. So whether you are expecting guests at your house tonight or simply going for some shopping at the mall with your friends, you can wear one of the suits from this collection and make a fashion statement, just so easy. Plus there are so many options to choose from. There are suits with beautiful embroidered net fabric and pure khaddi net. Colorful printed chiffon dupattas that go with the shalwar kameez gives the overall dress an extra boost. 

The Uraan collection includes Khaddi net dresses that are ready to wear. The net fabric adds that luxury touch that makes the overall suit sophisticated. These Khaddi net dresses are handmade embroidered and skilled handiwork has made these suits one of the best to wear at your special moments. The main aim of this collection is to provide women with luxurious designer khaddi net dresses.

Our range offers so many options for you to choose from. There are some suits with khaddi cotton net shirts while some are pure

khaddi net suits with embroidery. For the dupattas here are

khaadi cotton net shirts and printed chiffon dupattas. While some dupattas have neat and sophisticated embroidery.

Have a great experience

The Uraan collection is a luxury collection and when we design and produce luxury collection we want to add and give you something extra. Our team is well-informed about their customers’ needs and we value how important comfort and satisfaction are to our customers. We aim to deliver the best quality fabric with the latest and the most stylish designs that our customers feel great wearing them. Buying and wearing from our collection is not just about wearing clothes, it’s a whole new experience. We want our customers to feel confident, carefree yet sophisticated when they wear them. Our suits are designed in such a way that it suits everyone’s taste. You can rest assured that the quality of the suits won’t wear off with time. 

Distinguished Embroidery designs

Women adore traditional embroidery and so our collections’ shirts and dupattas are all crafted with embroidery designs that look royal and oh-so-classy. Our team understands the cultural values of Pakistani people and has done a remarkable job with embroidery designs of kora, dabka, aari, and zari.


The Khaddi cotton net collection 2020 in Pakistan is a great choice in summer because you can beat the heat as well as make a fashion statement by looking gorgeous through your clothing. You can also always prefer to shop online if you don’t want to go outside.  The khaddi net dresses are ready to wear which saves your time in getting the dresses stitched by the tailor. The uniqueness and versatility of the dresses suit women of all age groups since they are in various colors and have different designs. The designs will surely please all women. So get set, beat the heat, and stay classy.

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