Top 10 Men’s Trendy Shoes That Are Worth The Money
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Top 10 Men’s Trendy Shoes That Are Worth The Money

Those days are behind us when shoes were worn for protecting the feet. For the uber-rich folks, shoes serve as the indicator of one’s social status. Being an average budget constraint consumer, who never paid much attention to building a shoe wardrobe, here is a list of Men’s Trendy Shoes that the worth the price tag:

1: The Oxford Pair

Oxford shoes are characterized by a closed lace system with the eyelet tabs attached under the vamp and low heel. The shoe’s toe cap is stitched to the leather for added reinforcement. Oxford shoes work with all types of semi-formal and formal outfits, even khaki pants.

Oxford Shoes

This classic pair can be worn to all kinds of formal events starting from a job interview, work even to even your wedding!

2: Brogues

This pair of shoes is named after its decorative perforations on its surface.

It’s a traditional shoe mostly worn on formal events but people love it for its semi-casual appeal too. Brogues come in several types from derby, monk to oxford.

3: Loafers

These lace less slip-on trendy shoes are the perfect dress shoes you can wear with anting and on any occasion. You can even wear them for a stroll by the beach. Tassel loafers, penny loafers are worth having.


4. Suede Chukkas

It was in the 40s when chukka became popular. And now their popularity has surged again. It’s a minimal shoe with a round toe and ankle-high length and 2-3 lacing eyelets.

The suede material does the talking. Take your wardrobe to another level by adding a pair of tan or cream shades. They lie at the casual end of the pool. For an amazing look, combine them with a polo shirt and chinos.

When you don’t feel like looking too formal by wearing brogues, chukkas save the day.  They actually make your outfit look more approachable.

5: Good Old Leather Boots

This is a must-have trendy shoes, especially the lace-up edition. What I love about leather boots is that as the shoe gets older, it starts telling a story.

My preference is ankle-high boots in dark brown. Whenever you are up for a conservative look, pull your trousers over the boots. Find yourself a quality pair that will last for years.

6: Tennis Shoes

These trendy shoes have their roots tracing back to the 19th century when the industrial revolution started and they are still one of the most loved sneakers.

They have got a vulcanized rubber sole and they are cheap. In the 1950s, tennis shoes became the staple shoe in the wardrobe of children and young adults. James Dean made them trendy worldwide. In today’s era where sneakers are everywhere, dare to wear tennis shoes.

7: Double Monk Strap Shoes

Monk strap trendy shoes have a mysterious origin. Some believe their roots come from the monks who lived in the Swiss Alps who created a sandal that was similar to monk strap shoes. This was back in the 15 century.

Later on, Englishmen adopted this style leading to the formation of monk strap shoes. It was in the 1900s when these shoes became an imperative part of the men’s wardrobe.

Originally, the world was introduced to single monk strap shoes, which must have looked so weird, right! If you would like people to admire you for your gentleman-like approach, invest in double Monk straps. These days, you can find them in different buckle placements for a unique yet stylish appeal.

8: Chelsea Boots

This list wouldn’t have been complete without Chelsea boots. These boots are loved for their elastic sides that make them easy to wear and take off. Every man over 30 needs to have them in their shoe wardrobe.

These shoes were made for Queen Victoria for horse riding because she used to struggle with regular boots and their laces. Soon, these boots became a popular style in the UK. Then, the Beatles and The Rolling Stones contributed to their popularity by having customized pairs made for them. After this, Chelsea boots spread throughout the world.

Now, Chelsea boots come in lots of different styles. If you are up for buying them, ditch suede and go for leather. It makes them look more versatile.

9: Espadrilles

Espadrille is a name derived from Esparto, which is coarse grass found in North Africa and Spain. It’s used for making high-quality paper, rope, and the sole of these shoes.

Espadrilles received their big break in the 1970 and then 80s when Don Johnson wore them on his TV show. These casual shoes are still an excellent option for those who want to add versatility to their shoe wardrobe. They are ideal for warmer months.

Along with investing in solid colors, you can also choose Espadrilles in patterns.

10: Dress Sneaker

A nice pair of dress sneakers go well with any type of outfit.  Find a clean style that matches your personality and make them your go-to pair of shoes for casual occasions. You can even wear them to the bar.


Bottom Line

Every shoe type shared on this list has a special purpose and so are worth having. Start building your shoe wardrobe slowly and don’t mind investing in an expensive pair if the quality is great.


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