7 Mouth-Watering Chocolate Cakes To Make Your New Year’s Eve Exquisite
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7 Mouth-Watering Chocolate Cakes To Make Your New Year’s Eve Exquisite

New year means a new beginning, it’s a clean slate to start afresh. New year’s eve is the last day of the year, the year that gave you so many memories- both good and bad, don’t you want to say a proper goodbye to it?

Everybody all around the world is excited for this day all year long and each person celebrates in his or her own way.

Some might like to go to the Church on this day while some might want to visit an orphanage or an old age home, some might like to spend it at home with just family or very close friends and relatives, while some might want to welcome the new year in a grand way by attending the most awaited party of the year in their own city, some might want to come back home from another city, state, country or continent and welcome the new year with their family, while some might want to take a trip away from their home and welcome the new year in a faraway land. There’s no right or wrong, each way is beautiful.

No matter how you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year, the one thing you absolutely cannot miss out on is the cake. After all, there’s no better (and literally sweeter) way to say goodbye to a year and welcome another one, right?

The most favourite flavour when it comes to cakes is definitely chocolate. Do you like it too? Of course you do. Well, in case you are looking for some mouth-watering cake options that you can order online and get it delivered for yourself or your loved ones, we have some amazing ones for you here:

1 Detectable Chocolate Photo Cake

Detectable Chocolate-Photo Cake
Source – bloomsvilla

While we agree that any delicious cake is a suitable option for your New Year’s Eve, we cannot help but mention this that the most special one would be a chocolate flavored photo cake. A photo printed on a cake automatically adds to its sweetness, don’t you agree? This delicious heart-shaped photo chocolate cake is here to win hearts for sure!

2 Chocolate Walnut Deluxe

Chocolate Walnut Deluxe
Source – bloomsvilla

Walnuts and chocolates is definitely one of our most favourite combos when it comes to cakes. Yours too? Well, there’s nothing about it to dislike, right? This cake not just tastes amazing but looks really great too.

Do you know somebody who loves chocolate walnut cakes? If you do then well, this will make the most perfect new year chocolate cake for him or her. Order online on Bloomsvilla and you can get it delivered anywhere in India!

3 Number One Chocolate Truffle Cake

Number One Chocolate Truffle Cake
Source – bloomsvilla

Are you wondering what’s the number “1” for? Well, it’s after all going to be day 1 of 365 once the clock strikes 12, right? Therefore this cake is definitely one of the most perfect New year’s eve cakes that you can find online. Plus, the cherry on top (literally), let us tell you, is that it tastes heavenly! What else do you need?

4 Gems Surprise Chocolate Truffle

Gems Surprise Chocolate Truffle
Source – bloomsvilla

New Year means new surprises. Hence we feel the ebay way to welcome a brand new year full of surprises would be by cutting a cake that is filled with surprises (in this case, gems) as well. Can you imagine how delicious it tastes?  A chocolate cake which is filled with gems inside. Ah, we are drooling already!

5 Ferrero Kit-Kat Tall Cake

Ferrero Kit-Kat Tall Cake
Source – bloomsvilla

Okay, just imagine, alright? A chocolate cake that is topped with chocolate ganache and your favorite chocolates- Ferrero Rocher and Kit-Kat. Are you drooling? Yes, same here! Your search for the most perfect New Year’s Eve cake ends here. Period.

6 Detectable Chocolate Truffle Cake

Detectable Chocolate Truffle Cake
Source – bloomsvilla

We absolutely love Truffle cakes, do you? In case you do, this cake is made for you! An extremely elegant cake that literally melts in your mouth and directly takes your mind to another world- that’s exactly what this giant cake is. What are you waiting for? Place your order already!

7 Choco Fusion Chips

Choco Fusion Chips
Source – bloomsvilla

Unless you taste this cake, you probably wouldn’t believe that a cake can actually win your heart right away. Yes, this cake right here is a heart-throb.Topped with choco chips and choco Truffle, this round shaped beauty is exactly what you need for your New Year’s Eve celebration.

If you are looking for an online bakery to order cakes for New Year’s eve, you should definitely check out the collection on Bloomsvilla- each cake is freshly baked and they have a wide variety of options to choose from. Not just cakes, but even if you want bouquet delivery in Bangalore or any other kind of Online Flower Delivery in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, or any other Indian city, do give Bloomsvilla a try- we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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