Sizzling Trend: How to Wear Ribbed and Floral Crop Tops?
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Sizzling Trend: How to Wear Ribbed and Floral Crop Tops?

There is no age to rock a crop top. They are super chic and easily wearable. Whether it’s a puff sleeve crop top or a body-hugging Ribbed and Floral Crop Tops, they are very versatile.

Best Ribbed and Floral Crop Tops Ideas

Crop tops were a major rage back in the 90s but went under the radar during the 2000s. Fortunately, they are back now! While most of us get excited about this high-street fashion, some of us have reservations regarding its suitability for all body types. But like every good thing in life, crop tops can be worn by EVERYONE! You just need to style them properly. To help you out, we have created a guide on how to style Ribbed and Floral Crop Tops in unique ways.

Puff sleeves crop top with denim skirts

While most of us are used to wearing crop tops with jeans, it’s time to try something different!

Wear a flowy puff sleeve crop top with a body-fitted denim skirt. It’s better if the skirt has a pencil skirt structure. Add a statement jewelry piece and some classic accessories—a watch or a scarf.

The ribbed black crop top

A black crop top can be a savior. It adds a sophisticated monochromatic effect to any outfit.

Pair your black crop top with leather pants and some sexy pumps for a night out with the ladies. You can also switch the pants with black leggings or skirts. Wear some gold jewelry and add a nice belt.

Floral crop tops with midi skirts

With the chilly season, it gets really tricky to dress up every day.

Get a well-fitted bright floral crop top and pair it with a knee-length midi skirt. Make sure that your skirt is in the same color palette as your top.

Keep the rest of the look minimal with some long necklaces and wedges. This makes for a perfect dinner with friends look or even a college outfit. Carry a jacket for the night.

Lacey crop top with high waisted trousers

A lace crop top can instantly take your look from ordinary to fancy dinner. Choose a lacey puff-sleeved crop top and pair it with a nice fitted trouser.

The thin material will let you breathe but will keep you covered for any party at night. Carry a nice satchel bag and some strappy heels. A little skin through the crop top will add so much sensuality to the whole outfit.

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Crop tops with long skirts

We have all seen the whole era of t-shirts and long flowy skirts.

Now it is all about adding more structure with ribbed crop tops. Choose a boho printed skirt and add a nice ribbed crop top. Make sure the top has some detailing. Now to finish the look, add some boots and a leather jacket of the same color tone.

This look is such a rock 70s vibe, perfect for a concert, night outs, and even brunch. It’s edgy, experimental, and very chic.

Flared crop tops with shorts

Flared crop tops are a fun way to amp up your style.

They don’t need much styling and go well with jeans, shorts, or shirts.

For a casual look start with a printed crop top with a flare and add denim shorts. Pull up your hair in a bun or a ponytail and wear some cool sneakers. It’s easy and very fun.

For the winter you can switch the shorts with leggings and knee-high boots.

Layer up for the winters

Wondering how to wear crop tops in chilly season?

Learn the magic of layering!

Wear a shirt underneath your sleeveless crop top and make sure the colors contrast with each other. Now, add a neutral-toned jacket. For the bottom, choose any jeans or high-waisted trousers that fit you well.

Keep the hair open for a more casual vibe and you will nail the high-street model look!

Crop tops and coats

Listen, high-waisted pants are made to showcase your crop top collection! So, use them innovatively for fall. Choose a trouser that generously covers your lower waist showing a little skin on top. Now pair it up with a nice floral crop top. Add a super long and cozy trench coat. Keep the color palette from the same family.

This look is so rich and sophisticated for any winter parties or even office parties. Remember styling depends on how innovative you can be. There are so much more ways to style a crop top that you never get bored with it. So, buy some from Diva Boutiques and start styling!

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