Which Saree Colors look Sexy According to Your Skin Tone?
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Which Saree Colors look Sexy According to Your Skin Tone?

Sarees are the best Indian wear which you can wear on every occasion and festival. It is available all over the world infy fair prices. But you must know the best Saree Colors look Sexy on your skin tone and makes you gorgeous for the occasion.

 Sarees will suit you according to your body shape and skin tone. There are many options in the color of sarees but you should always go for the one which suits your skin tone. A perfect combination of your skin tone and a color of saree will give you an elegant look and make you stand out.

Select From Saree Colors look Sexy on Your Skin Tone

Sometimes we act very carelessly regarding choosing colors while shopping however we should always wonder which color is perfect for our skin tone. Some colors will look dull on you according to your skin tone while others will look bright. Your skin tone and undertone will decide which color will suit you the most.

Light skin tone:

If you have face with a Light skin tone you can have either a cool undertone or a warm undertone. For a cool undertone, you can always go for the pink shades. Any shade of pink will suit you the best. You can also wear wine, emerald, gold, and dark shades of blue color. You should not wear metallic colors either Black or neon colors.

If you have a fair skin tone and warm undertones you can go for tan colors.

If you go for colors like blue, white, olive, and green it will highlight your skin. The light shades of pink color will suit you the best. Also, sarees of white and black color are good for warm undertones.

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Medium skin tone:

If you have a medium skin tone you should be careful while choosing colors. And the best thing is you should go for contrasting colors. You should always prefer sarees in writer and deeper, dark red, olive, Turquoise, tones of purple, and shades of pink. You can buy these sarees online.

Saree wholesale will provide you sarees of your color choice. Neon colors are also perfect for people with medium skin tone. All shades of blue will look perfect on you on every occasion or festival. Metallic colors are always the best option for you as party wear. The skin tone will always remain the best-considered skin tone which can go with any color.


  • People with medium skin tone should not wear brown and black as it can make your skin tone look unflattering. You can avoid the shades of grey and other dark colours which will make you look dull.  You should always be careful while choosing shades of orange, peaches, caramel and some pale shades.
  • These are some points you should be very careful while choosing the best colour saree for you. You can buy saree online in your preferred shade.

Dark skin tone:

People with dark skin tones have to make a very careful choice while choosing a color that can choose your skin tone. You should always avoid wearing colors that match your skin tone these colors can make you look dull and can overshadow you.

The best colors which you can go for are orange, pink, blue and shades of purple. Pastel colors are always the best option for you. You can also go for colors like electric blue, bright red, and shades of orange. These colors will look fabulous on your skin tone.

For festivals where you can go for shades of neon and metallic colors like gold and silver are always the best for you on an occasion.

On a regular basis, you can prefer sarees with a lighter shade than your skin tone.


  • You should not wear shades of white like off white,  pale white etc.
  • Avoid wearing shades that match your skin tone. Can make you feel dull and will look very dull on you and can overshadow you.
  • You should never wear sarees brown, black and grey shades.  You can always go for khadi colours.

Wind Up

Sarees are the most preferred Indian wear. Today people all around the world are fond of wearing saree. Sarees are the best outfit for Indian festivals and will be a cherry on the top if you can choose colors according to your skin tone.

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