An Expert’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Summer Wardrobe with Linen Shirts
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An Expert’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Summer Wardrobe with Linen Shirts

Summers call for beach hair and ocean air! And while you are busy surfing those waves, don’t forget to add a splash of style to your wardrobe as well. And especially when it comes to Indian summers, keeping cool is more of a necessity than a luxury.

But comfort doesn’t have to arrive at the cost of style. Or vice versa. We know, shocking isn’t it? That’s exactly what we are going to help you achieve today! 

Our experts from team Linen Club are here to help you pick out some lightweight options that are comfortable yet sleek looking. We will help you select versatile wardrobe staples and how to pair them with suitable clothing pieces and accessories to pull off a complete runway-fresh summer look. 

From breezy linen shirts to airy chino pants, there are so many marvelous breathable yet breath-taking options to choose from. We are so excited, so let’s get started straight away! 

The Magic of Drawstring Pants

Drawstring Pants

We will start with the basics first. These are some timeless staples you can always rely on to suit your silhouette that will also help your skin breathe during the warmer months. Remember to go for roomier cuts as they allow more air to circulate. 

Drawstring pants in linen and cotton fabrics are our absolute favorites! They leave you feeling so comfortable and light in your skin, and you can wear them anywhere.

Drawstring pants can be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion. Wear it to the office, to that elegant dinner soirée or a casual lunch with your friends. 

You can wear them with some basic solid tees or pair them with a crisp linen shirt and a lightweight jacket. Simply put, they are like fancy sweatpants you can wear outside. Yes, even to work.

Summertime Classics

Summertime Classics

If you love old Hollywood classics, holiday classics, in particular, you couldn’t have missed spotting this all-time favorite resort wear. Yes, we are talking about the camp or the Cuban collar shirt.

This shirt has grown in popularity again in recent times, thanks to its casual and cooling open neck collar. Pair your Cuban collar shirt with solid colored dark or light bottoms.

You can even spruce up your conventional suits by pairing a Cuban collar shirt with a beige or earthy-hued suit. Keep the jacket unbuttoned for semi-formal occasions. 

For a very effortless look, you can even pair them with shorts and sneakers or sandals. It would take you just about a minute to throw a whole outfit together, yet you will end up dripping with casual charm. 

We can’t talk about summertime classics, without mentioning the ultimate closet staple for this season, shorts. Needless to say, a quality pair of shorts will save you from all the heat waves this season.

From chino shorts to denim or even performance shorts, you can take your pick. Go for versatile hues such as beige, classic blue, navy, black or even grey. Pair them with soft loafers or sandals, add a pair of sunglasses, and your outfit of the day is ready. 

We especially love the look that chino shorts and linen shirts create together. Talk about a match made in wardrobe heaven! 

It’s All About the Fabric


We all fall into the tempting trap of picking the lightest material possible while packing or prepping for the hottest season of the year. But in reality, a crisp, breathable fabric will outrun other materials at any time. Not only will they consistently look better, but they will also not crease so much. That’s why linen is the fundamental fabric choice for summer. 

It is so breathable and airy and offers a unique texture and visual charm that is missing from most summer wardrobes. Pure linen can be prone to curling and creasing, but that’s part of its casual appeal, we say embrace it all! You can also take a look at fabric blends, like cotton-silk or linen-cotton blends.

We feel that blended fabrics are marvelous closet staples that are actually made by textile wizard hands. They have been specially created and curated, keeping in mind a wearer’s unique summertime needs. 

Opt for linen-wool blends, if you like the breeziness and style that linen has to offer but can’t deal with the wrinkling. All we can say is that linen shirts are one piece of clothing every man should own.

How to Care for Linen Clothing

You can go ahead, and machine wash all your linen items on a delicate or a short cycle. Go for a cold water wash and rinse that will help preserve the fabric and make it last longer. If you really wish to make the most of this timeless classic, handwash your linen clothing in cold water only.  

Stay away from harsh chemical laundry detergents while washing linen shirts or pants; use a mild (if possible, natural) detergent, specially formulated for delicate fabrics.  

Please be sure to only air-dry all your linen fabrics. If you must use the dryer, you can tumble dry your clothing on low for five minutes to loosen out the wrinkles. Then, immediately take the items out and line them on a hanger or lay them out flatly to thoroughly dry. Don’t wring the clothes out to remove excess water! Carefully roll each item with a towel to do so. 

And there you go. Now, you are all ready to go ahead and create a perfect summer wardrobe like an absolute pro, yourself! We hope this article gives you enough clues and hacks on picking out breezy, comfy, and oh so dapper-looking closet pieces that will help you shine. Rain or sunshine, don’t forget the final ingredient, a spritz of confidence!

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