The best Carpet Cleaning Methods for Home:

The best Carpet Cleaning Methods for Home:

Carpets are an important part of our house which also affects the overall appearance of the house. Carpet faces various types of dust, dirt, bacteria, germs, and stains, etc. daily. Due to this, it becomes necessary to clean and properly maintain the carpet to make them free from these dust particles and allergens. There are different methods which can be used to clean the carpet by the professional or by on our self at home. For example carpet shampooing method, steam cleaning, carpet washing, and dry cleaning, etc.

Most people confuse about which method is the best or suitable for our home rugs and carpets. So that’s why here our company Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney provides with you the best carpet cleaning methods for your home rugs and carpets. Out of all the carpet cleaning methods following 4 methods are the best carpets cleaning methods for home. These are

  1. Steam cleaning method
  2. Dry cleaning method
  3. Carpet shampooing method
  4. Bonnet cleaning method

These all are the best carpet cleaning methods that are suitable for all most all types of carpet and rugs and help in removing almost all types of dirt and stain from the rugs or carpets. These methods are discussed as follows.

  1. Steam cleaning method: Steam Cleaning method or hot water extraction method is one of the most effective and the best suitable method of carpet cleaning. This method is the best choice for those people’s houses that are very sensitive or allergic to various chemicals or detergents. The hot water extraction method uses hot warm water which is injected directly into the carpet fabric with a high-pressure wand. It provides the deep cleaning of the carpet and removes almost all types of stains, allergens, bacteria, and germs, etc. from the carpets effectively.

How it works:

Under this hot water extraction method first, the carpet or rug is pre-conditioned with a carpet cleaning solution with the help of a rotating brush tool in the carpet fabric to liquefy all the oils, dirt, dust and other oil-based substance. After that, the hot water is injected into the carpet with the help of hot water extraction machines or tools. After 20-15 minutes the solution is extracted with the vacuum cleaner and the carpet is cleaned properly.

Advantages of using a steam cleaning method:

  • Provide deep carpet cleaning
  • Chemical-free method
  • Prevent the carpet damages
  • Longer cleaning effect on carpets
  • Suitable for allergic and sensitive people

The Disadvantage of using a steam cleaning method:

  • Take too much time to dry carpet
  • Very expensive
  • Need highly technical and expensive cleaning equipment
  • Dry cleaning method: This is another effective method of cleaning carpets and rugs at home effectively. Under this carpet dry cleaning method, a special power, or spray detergent or chemicals are used to clean the carpet properly. It is one of the most effective and quick methods of carpet cleaning which is most suitable for those busy peoples in-home or offices who cannot wait longer for carpet to dry. This method of the carpet cleaning works well when one needs very quick and effective cleaning results.

How it works:

the first one needs to properly vacuum the carpet to remove all the extra dirt, hair, and other residues, etc.  After that, a special carpet cleaning solution powder is sprinkled on the carpet and it is spread everywhere on the carpet with the help of the rotating brush tool or equipment. After that, they let the powder on the carpet to let it sit on the carpet for a few minutes and then deeply vacuum off the whole carpet.

Advantages of using a dry cleaning method:

  • Simple to use or apply
  • Less expensive
  • Give quick results
  • Fast drying
  • Need less effective equipment
  • Take a very less time
  • Prevent carpet damages

The Disadvantage of using a dry cleaning method:

  • A powder-based cleaning solution   may not be vacuumed properly
  • Doesn’t provide effective results
  • No deep cleaning
  • Not suitable for allergic peoples
  • Carpet Shampooing method: Carpet shampooing method is also an effective method of cleaning heavily soiled carpets. But this method of carpet cleaning is less popular as compared to another method. The carpet shampooing method of carpet cleaning is most effective for removing different types of stubborn stains. But one needs to be careful while using this method as it can leave residuals and dust behind even after the carpet cleaning.

How it works:

First, carpet shampooing solution is applied on the carpet with the help of different tools. Then after a few minutes, the solution is scrub on the carpet with the help of scrubbing tools. After that wet carpet vacuuming is done to remove all the carpet shampoo form the carpet and let the carpet dry completely.

Advantages of using a carpet shampooing method:

  • Remove different types of stubborn stains
  • Cleaning  heavily soiled carpets
  • The fast and simple method to apply
  • Less expensive

The Disadvantage of using a carpet shampooing method:

  • Sometimes sticky detergent residuals left behind after cleaning which attract more dirt and dust
  • No adequate results
  • Ineffective and chemical-based method
  • Bonnet cleaning method: This method is also commonly known as cleaning with a padding method. This method is most suitable for normal routine type light maintenance of the carpet. This method of carpet cleaning can also be used for regular carpet cleaning in the home for different types of carpets and rugs. Under this method, different chemical cleaning solutions are used with an absorbent pad for cleaning the carpet.

How it works:

under this method the top part of the carpet is cleaned with the help of heavily machined and pad. Different types of chemical cleaning solutions are spread and scrubbed on the carpet upper surface with the help of different machines and pad equipment and then normal cleaning and washing of carpet are done.

Advantages of using bonnet cleaning method:

  • Fast cleaning method
  • A simple and inexpensive method
  • Best for Light carpet cleaning
  • Provide excellent results

The Disadvantage of using bonnet cleaning method:

  • No deep carpet cleaning
  • Only clean the upper layer of the carpet
  •  Maeve dirt and dust on the carpet

Thus these were all the best methods which are suitable for cleaning the carpets and rugs at home. These methods can be used by both the professionals and the people themselves. According to the advantages and disadvantages of all these methods out of these all 4 methods carpet steam cleaning method is the best method of carpet cleaning. Moreover one can also hire the services of professionals like Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney for more effective and best results. As professionals will use more highly effective equipment for cleaning the carpet in the best manner and all this will be even at under the affordable rates. Our company Major carpet Cleaners Sydney provides the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney. For more detail, one can contact us at any time.

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