The Ultimate Throw Blanket Guide
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The Ultimate Throw Blanket Guide

What makes a home cozy and warm? It’s interiors and, of course, a soft and fluffy blanket to keep you warm. When you think of winters or a chilly evening, your mind immediately yearns for something wooly and soft to keep you warm.

You would be spoilt for choice with the massive varieties of blankets available in the market. Some of them are large enough to cover an entire room while some are just big enough to cover a couch. With varying degrees of shapes and sizes, it can become confusing to choose the right blanket for your home.

Before you ponder over which blanket to choose, keep in mind that a blanket is both a style statement and a necessity. Designers are going overboard with creating exquisite pieces of blankets to suit every home and décor. The early blankets were merely functional and made from rough wool weaved together to form a large piece of covering.

With the fast-changing lifestyle and the continuous shifting of homes, you want a lightweight piece that will be easy to carry around wherever you go. Blankets are no longer a bulky piece of fabric that you have to wrap around yourself in the bedroom; they have evolved into beautiful accessories that provide comfort and warmth. And these blankets are known as throw blankets.

What are throw blankets?

Consider throw blankets as the lighter and dapper version of their bigger counterparts. They are comfy, chic, and stylish in every possible way. Fashion influencers have been using throw blankets for their photos and promoting them as a style statement. The craze for throw blankets has increased so much that they are now an integral part of every home décor. From soft fabrics to intricate patterns, a throw blanket has it all.

What makes a throw blanket different from regular blankets?

Regular blankets are something like a head-to-toe version that will be large enough to cover your entire body. In harsh winters, a regular blanket will give you the best protection against the elements. But, you can’t take a regular blanket with you wherever you go. Imagine carrying a bulky blanket around your shoulders and roaming around the house, doesn’t seem right.

If you can carry it around without feeling like you have tons of weight on you, then it’s a throw blanket. Also, don’t confuse thin, woolen sheets of fabric as throw blankets. They are a regular bedding that won’t give you the luxurious and cozy feel of throw blankets. The biggest reason why cozy throws feel so comfortable is that they have deep air pockets that trap the cold air within the crevices and keep your body warm.

How to use a throw blanket?


We all have those summer rituals when we pack our winter essentials like duvets and blankets and store them away until next winter. With throw blankets, you are saved from that tedious ritual. They come in handy throughout the year, and you can use them in any weather. Cozy throws give you a soft and warm sheathing in all weather conditions. Be it a cool evening breeze, or the chill of autumn; your body will always stay warm and cozy no matter what.

This versatility and comfort make throw blankets a must-have accessory for everyone. And, the best thing is, you don’t have to hide them away in some old cupboard, throw blankets, are a fashion statement in themselves, and can enhance your décor wherever you place them. Let’s look at how you can use a throw blanket at home or outside.

  • Cozy throws for couch

Your couch can become extra comfy in a matter of seconds. Throw a beautiful throw blanket over your sofa to give it a rich detail. It will also protect your couch cover from getting dirty. If you are a couch person, you will find yourself staying close to the couch more often than ever before.

  • Bring a fresh feel to your beds

Throw blankets can uplift your bed and give it a new décor. Forget about expensive bedding, arrange multiple throw blankets on your mattress to give it finesse and texture. And, if you want to snuggle up on the bed, throw the blanket around and drift off to a peaceful sleep.

  • Decorate window seats

Window seats are comfortable and cozy. You can add to it and also make it more stylish by adding a throw blanket. Choose contrasting shades to play with the color playoff. You can change the texture to add more details.

How to select the material of a throw blanket?

There are hundreds of fabrics that make throw blankets comfortable. Here are some fabric options that will make your cozy throws comfier.

  • Cashmere

The ultra-fine and smooth texture of cashmere will make you feel like royalty. It provides excellent protection from the cold and also feels luxurious to the skin. Cashmere is best for throw blankets if you are planning to use them for couches.

  • Cotton

Cotton is versatile, durable, and soft. It makes for a light throw-around blanket that you can carry on your body while going out.

  • Fleece

The lightweight and airy texture of fleece will make you fall in love with your blanket. You can use this fabric throughout the year, which makes it an excellent option for throw blankets.

  • Faux Mink

Mink is lustrous and smooth. As animal fur is cruel and harmful to the environment, invest in a faux mink throw blanket for bedding and couches.

  • Micro-plush

Micro-plush is thick and non-piling. You can layer it with your comforter to get additional warmth during winters. It can also double up as a lightweight comforter during the warmer seasons.


Cozy throws or throw blankets are ideal for every occasion. They provide you warmth while also giving a beautiful look to your interiors. You don’t have to stick to rules while using a throw blanket; sleep on it, throw it over the sofa, or sleep on it – the choice is yours.

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