10 Tips to Stay Fashionable as a New Mom
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10 Tips to Stay Fashionable as a New Mom

The arrival of the baby changes everything around you. The baby in your arm demands more of your body, mind, space, and time. If we learn to look beyond the hassles of early parenting days, it truly the best chance to rediscover ourselves.

What better than to go for a completely new and upgraded wardrobe for yourself! There is a plethora of options right from fast fashion brands to couture lines for you to grab your pick from. 

1 Choose the Right Inner Wear

Even though inner wears are mostly hidden under other garments, it has a profound impact on our overall body image. Invest in the best postpartum underwear and shapewear that sculpts your bulges efficiently without making you feel suffocated. This will also help you to get back in shape.

2 Embrace the Change in You

Body changes

After the baby arrives, chances are that none of your pre-pregnancy clothes will fit you anymore. Your body has changed. Mostly, while picking attire you tend to look for comfort over anything else. The best part is that there are umpteen options in fashion to figure out the best attire that complements your body shape and makes you feel comfortable at the same time.

3 Wardrobe Essentials that prioritize Comfort  

Once you have realized that the best of all fashion is the one that makes you feel comfortable, it won’t be difficult to identify the right attire. Jeans are the most versatile and make an absolute staple for every wardrobe. Invest in some well-fitted trousers and skirts. As far as dresses and tops are concerned, opt for wrap around options that compliments every body type.  

Feel free to pick from your favorite haute couture or a high fashion brand. The high street fashion brands offer some best quality apparel at affordable prices.   

4 Time for Self Care


The need for skincare becomes more important after the baby arrives. Keep the hygiene factor in mind and also watch out for blisters or any other skin related issues. Lactating mothers should care about themselves every time before and after feeding this baby. This will help to prevent skin-related issues that arise from lactating.  

5 Pamper Yourself

No matter how busy you are, make sure to allow yourself a good and relaxing soak at the end of the day. This will help you to release a lot of tension and also refresh your mind. Pay a visit to the SPA once in a while.   

6 A New Haircut

Our hair is like a frame to our face. Hence, make sure to choose a nice and easy to maintain frame that compliments your face. A new haircut is always very refreshing. It can give you a completely new look altogether.

7 Set Your Own Fashion Goals 

Don’t tire yourself trying to look like that girl on the cover page of the fashion magazine. Even she does not look like that in reality. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. In fact, set your own goals and stick to it. Go slow. Take one step at a time. And you will surely find your new fashionable and more confident version very soon.   

8 Select the right footwear

Comfortable footwear

While you pick a pair of footwear, remember that you will be carrying the baby while walking. Besides, your spine, abdomen, and hips are still recovering. Hence, choose footwear that supports your frame and also gives you a firm balance when you walk with your baby in your arms. 

Sandals with pointed toes with strings wrapped at the ankle, low yet elegant heals give the much-needed grace and poise while a canvas adds that casual and carefree look.   

9 Amp it up with accessories

Pick fashionable accessories that aptly complement your getup. Avoid too elaborate or delicate pieces that can get easily damaged by your little one or might hurt them in any way. One of the latest fashion trends is to sport a bohemian anklet with a flared skirt. However, it is advisable to pick sleek and non-abrasive neck and earpieces as these will be proximate to your baby.   

Don’t forget to pick a smart shade and a handbag that is stylish as well as functional.

10 Makeup

Fashion can never be complete without makeup. As a new mother, you should invest in non-toxic products when you pick nail paint or face products. A simple and light make up will uplift your mood and make you look gorgeous throughout the day.  

We hope our tips on woman’s fashion help you to stay in panache always. All the best!  Do you have any interesting post-delivery story of selecting new attire? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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