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Guide to Make a Video Collage of Your Kitchen and Living Room

Guide to Make a Video Collage of Your Kitchen and Living Room

Add more flair to your home interiors and important areas of your house by transforming simple video clips into amazing, shareable, and eye-catching video collages (Video Collage of Your Kitchen and Living Room). Your Kitchen and Living Room are some of the key areas of your home that depict functionality, décor, aesthetics, and overall impression of the house.

You may want to highlight both these areas profusely compared to other areas of your house for selling/renting purposes, interior suggestions, or to catch people’s eye.

You can make fantastic video collages of your kitchen and living room and share them with your target audience on various channels like YouTube or Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What Is A Video Collage?

A video collage is a series of small clips or videos that are organized fascinatingly. Adding video collages of your home can enhance and inspire visual interest and reduce video execution time.

There are several video collage maker software available online that allows you to create collages of videos using templates or layouts.

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How To Find Video Collage Inspiration?

Take small clips and videos of your entire home, concentrating on the functionality of your kitchen and the aesthetics of your living room to inspire and brainstorm more ideas.

Here are a few things that you can do before you start making your video collage:

  1. Flip through existing video collages on home decor to find other consumables to use in your video collages
  2. Play inspirational music, collect a wealth of resources and choose a central theme to lead your design decisions
  3. You must have a defined purpose for creating your video collage, as your theme depends a lot on the objective
  4. You have the freedom to experiment with your video collage artwork as much as you like
  5. Choose the appropriate color contrast, web designs, tools, video clips, and other graphic design tools before you collate your kitchen and living room video collage

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Easy Steps To Curate A Lovely Video Collage of Your Kitchen and Living Room

Step 1: Register with a professional video collage software

If you don’t have an account, you must search for the best video collage maker and register yourself. After logging in, you can simply go to the create button to start the making videos

Step 2: Start the project

You can either shoot all the clips yourself, or you could start with a template. You can pick them from virtual property tours, vacation summaries, and album preview templates when choosing a template.

Step 3: Select a layout

You need to click on the right sign to open your workspace, and you will find a pop-up window that displays a plethora of layouts available in the form of video collages.

Many of these layouts have collages that allow you to mix multiple images into a single frame and add video clips as needed. Click the required collage layout to add the selected collage layout to your project. The layout varies with different video styles.

Step 4: Add images and video clips

Once you’ve decided on the layout of your video collage, you can start adding pictures or video clips of your kitchen and living room from your media library on the right.

Step 5: Edit Video Collage

After you are done uploading, you need to edit the video collage. You can easily and conveniently customize how the video clips of your kitchen and living room appear in your collage.

You can use a scale slider, rotation icon, zoom in or out, or drag the clip to the desired location to move the image.

You can further personalize or customize your collage by adding text, animations, graphics, or simply modifying the length of the collage on your screen.

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Best Practices For Creating Stunning Video Collages

*Analyze the right places

You have already selected the area to be video clipped and to be bundled together in a collage. Now you must focus on the apt areas of the kitchen and the living room that you want to highlight.

You could choose from your kitchen storage or the functionality of kitchen furnishings and appliances. You could then move on to showcase the aesthetic beauty of your living room or just the décor.

*Plan your configuration

Once all the settings are done, take small video clips on the selected canvas, crop the unwanted parts, try the size and see how well all your clips merge into it.

*Rearrange the clips until you are satisfied with the configuration

Focus on one or two design elements first, then move on to the next. Create excitement and make your collage more exciting with contrast.

*Select a related video collage

Start assembling your video collage based on a pattern, impressive visual effects, combination or contrast of color, texture, and content based on the clips you have video graphed on your kitchen and living room

*Use negative spaces

Video collages provide a small space to make all your clips stand out, so it is highly recommended to use negative space to make all clips relate to each other. You can add text to support the story and center the text to make the word the focus of the video collage.

You can also add contrast or choose a fancy but readable font by selecting the text and using the readability button that appears.

*Add music

Don’t forget to add light music to your video collage to make it more enticing and attractive for your target audience.

Music instantly connects with the audience and makes your video collage outshine other videos based on home aesthetics

*Make it short

Your kitchen and living room video collages should be short, crisp, and neat.

Don’t make lengthy videos, as they can distract the viewer and force him to quit watching your video collage.

*Share it

Don’t forget to upload it on social media channels and share it with all your friends and family to spread the word and technique of how well you can highlight your kitchen and living room area.

Things like these can work wonders for the valuation of your home and add aesthetic beauty to your interior home décor.


A video collage on modern kitchen decor ideas and contemporary living room ideas is a versatile and creative way to present your ideas. When you know your subject and application well, making a video collage becomes easier and is a good place to start. You can check various tutorials or sources to help you with making video collages on your home interiors or décor, or you could take professional help for doing the same.

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