What is real love, first love, love at first sight, unconditional love?

What is real love, first love, love at first sight, unconditional love?

There are many questions that I have been asked over the past few days and the answers to which are very varied and quite long.

This is why I decided to answer them through this article and to make you discover the most interesting things about the most beautiful feeling in the world, which is love!

Love: a rich and complex feeling!

Love produces in us an intense feeling of affection and attachment to someone or something.

There isn’t just one definition of love. Each of us has our own definition of true love. A definition that corresponds to our age, our personal development or our maturity.

In a couple, the origin and evolution of the feeling of love can vary. A person who is starting their first love story will represent this feeling as something very passionate, like a feeling that makes our heart beat or very often like love at first sight!

Likewise, a man or woman who lacks self-esteem and self-confidence will think that love means giving oneself completely to the other, and forgetting his desires in the romantic relationship!

What we can see: the vision of love is strongly linked to our emotional maturity!

There is then no bad view of love, but only loves which are healthier than others!

In the rest of this text you will find explanations of all kinds of love: true love, first love, love at first sight, unconditional love, passionate love and impossible love. These explanations will help you to recognize them better and to know how to differentiate them.

Love has many faces. Although some of them are not beautiful, love is still one of the most beautiful feelings a human being can have!

What is real love ?

True love transcends everything. He is sincere and resists time.

When we talk about true love, we must not base ourselves on fiction. Indeed, it is possible to live a romantic relationship and a fabulous love story and sharing love shayari images, quotes, except that you should know that the latter will never be perfect!

Even if everything in your married life doesn’t turn out the way you imagine, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t in real love.

There will be days when you come home from work tired, you won’t have sex when you feel like it, and you won’t always be overjoyed. Rather, it means that you are living your love for real!

The notion of true love is well explained in the words of a couple who have been together for 40 years: “We were born in a time where when something breaks, we fix it, we don’t throw it away. “

What is first love?

First love occurs mainly in adolescence. It plays a fantastic role in the life of every person. According to a British study, 6 in 10 people still often think about their first love.

Unlike friendships or family relationships, first love gives rise to many expectations in us.

These expectations are often linked to what we have seen on television, in the cinema, at home, etc. Thus, we do generalities on first love!

Since we all need love, we start to imagine how our first love will be, our first date, how we will act and what behaviors we will avoid in our first romantic relationship!

However, all of our beliefs about love and everything we promised not to do as a couple flies away when love enters our hearts for the first time!

We are often blinded by emotions. That’s why we can find ourselves doing things that we once thought were silly.

At the same time, we can be very disappointed by the turn of our relationship, not corresponding to our expectations!

However, the first romantic relationships have many advantages: they teach us to give in, to set limits, to share, to be patient and to know what we want and what we don’t want in a relationship.

What is love at first sight?

Love at first sight is defined as a sudden love, against which one cannot fight.

It is therefore an irremediable attraction that we will feel for an unknown person.

We can also say that having a crush is having a crush on someone.

From a physiological point of view, biochemical processes ensue as a result of a lightning strike. The hormone oxytocin increases sexual attraction and desire, and dopamine stimulates motivation.

If you do not believe in love at first sight, we will tell you that it does indeed exist and it may even surprise you with its way of acting!

Know that love is not so simple and that it would be a shame to consider that one look is enough to start a beautiful and long love story.

Love at first sight is often considered a Hollywood invention. That’s why a lot of people don’t believe it.

Either way, love at first sight remains a pleasant feeling, but you should know that the development of romantic feelings is something more complex.

Never duplicate your love life on those of fictional characters. Even if you strongly believe in love at first sight, lightning hitting all four corners of the street is very rare!

What is unconditional love?

While conditional love allows you to perceive all the good qualities of your partner, unconditional love makes you love not only their good qualities, but also their flaws!

When you love someone unconditionally, you are aware of all of their qualities, such as their kindness, beautiful eyes, intelligence, etc. But, we also like his faults, such as his selfishness or even his infidelity!

We do not try to change the loved one, we accept them as they are. We love her with an absolute and uncontrollable love.

Often, in unconditional love, we expect nothing in return, we love and give without receiving anything.

At some point, unconditional love can become the source of great suffering and even greater disappointment. It can seriously harm our well-being!

It is often compared to a parent’s love for their child. Because, this love is considered to be the purest love that can exist.

Unconditional love suggests a lack of love and self-esteem, according to some psychologists. This is why the love of the other which is without limits can be very destructive and your relationship can become very unhealthy!

If you love someone unconditionally and it doesn’t hurt you, you are quite free to continue to do so.

Otherwise, you risk creating an unhealthy and toxic relationship that will be very difficult for you to break out of!

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