8 Fashion Tips to Ensure You Always Look Stylish
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8 Fashion Tips to Ensure You Always Look Stylish

In these modern times, fashion trends are constantly changing at a rapid speed. More people are focused and knowledgeable about the fashion scenario nowadays. The contribution of social media to these trends is huge, and so the contribution of the fashion influencers with fashion tips. On the contrary, an outfit of a person describes a lot about their personality and attitude.

Looking fashionable is not always about wearing clothes and accessories going by the trend, expensive brands, or mastering complicated fashion tricks. Most of the time, putting on the right and simple clothes and accessories can work as a wonder. So, let’s have a stylish look at the fashion trends.

1 Use Of Colours

Always try to pick two to three colors for your outfit base. When you’re done choosing the colors that will create a good combination and will go well with the temperature outside, you need to choose the clothes and accessories you want to wear. No matter what color scheme you go with, you will look perfect and pulled together with the simple use of a couple of colors.

2 Use Of Textures

Half of the job is done if textures are used properly and smartly. You can pile a bunch of different fabrics like leather, silk, cotton, ribbed knit, prints, etc., and can create a great outcome from the combination. Just you have to be careful and sensible enough about which texture will make a great combination with another texture.

The textures can be chosen on the basis of different colors, making it vibrant and can be of the same shade and color to keep it more simple or subtle. All of it depends on your mood.


3 Footwear

Whenever it comes to fashion trends, the choice of footwear is one of the most important factors to make you look stylish. And the beautiful thing about footwear is you can mix any kind of footwear with your clothing and accessories. There are no rules for it. 

Like a pair of sneakers with dresses; or a flat sandal or high heels with trousers and jeans, the odder it’ll be, the more eyes will turn and the more fashionable and trendy it’ll look; because that’s the advantage of wearing good footwear, you can match it with anything.

4 Balanced Proportions

Balancing proportions is about adapting your outfits to create a pleasing combination. The way you attain this is by wearing clothes that are fitted to your body shape. The fitting of the clothes is something that a person must always keep in focus, and it can work like a charm for you.  When you want to play with unusual shapes or oversized clothes, make it a fashionable moment by keeping the rest of the outfit or look fitted to your body.

For example, try coupling a tight crop top with wide-leg jeans or a puff-shoulder top with straight-leg pants.

Balancing proportions is not only about mixing and working on shapes of clothes. It also has to do with structured and soft textures, tight and loose fit, thick and light materials, and more.

5 Shopping Style

Your shopping style will largely matter when it comes to living up to the fashion. If you’re a bad shopper, then you’ll end up buying clothes which you’ll wear very few times and also can’t make a good combination with anything which will eventually lead to stuffing them up in the corner of your wardrobe.  

Shopping Style

If your wardrobe is filled with the outfits which you love, nobody can stop you from living up to the fashion. So, becoming a smart shopper is something which can be very useful.

6 Your Style

There are many people out there who have lost their impression in order to compare themselves with others when it comes to looking stylish. Losing your own authenticity will eventually make you lose the whole fashion scenario, no matter what you choose or wear.

So, identifying your own style is important. When you know your unique style, you are more likely to work better on the outfits and combinations, leading to a unique result. Just Like Yourself!

7 Belts Are Important

One of the simplest ways to form any outfit to look more put-together is by adding a belt to your look. It is also a fantastic trick for bringing balance to a glance that otherwise won’t work.

For example,  an extended cashmere sweater and billowy midi skirt.  

Belts Are Important

8 Tuck In or Tuck Out

Whether it’s a t-shirt, a sweater, a tank, or a shirt, grab that middle front piece, loosely tuck it down, and watch your style value increase fantastically. The less effort you put into the truck, the better. It all depends upon you whether you want it to be fully tucked in, full tucked out, or half tucked in, and half tucked out. 

Wrapping Up

Style is something that you can create with the proper sense of clothing and putting a pinch of your uniqueness in it while going to escape rooms or anywhere. Choosing the right thing, be it colors, combinations, textures, putting on a hat, or simply wearing sunglasses, can work wonders. Something which works out for someone else will not always work out for you, and that’s why you need to make yourself different than the rest. How to do it? That answer is best known to you.


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