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8 Ways To Paint Your Short Nails

8 Ways To Paint Your Short Nails

Most women like to wear beautiful, well-decorated nails. If you are one of those who think you can not do it unless you have them long, we show you in this article how to paint your nails if we have them very short.

How to paint short nails to make them look long

Here are some ideas to get very simple and original short nail designs to make them look longer. Take note!

Black and white polka dot design

Black and white polka dot design

One of the most flattering short nail designs is a decoration based on polka dots or black and white bows. Or in white and red if you like more. You can even combine both designs in both hands.

To make these shapes, you just have to paint the nails first with white enamel and make some polka dots or bows with a black or red enamel using a very fine brush. Bows may be a bit more complicated to make than moles, but an easy way to draw them is to first make two triangles and put a dot in the center to join them together.


French manicure

French manicure

If you like French manicure and thought you couldn’t paint short nails with this design, you were wrong. Plus, it’s a great option even with short nails. You can try the classic French manicure or bet on new more modern decorations with different colors.

To do this, apply a light pink or pale peach glaze to the base. When it is dry, paint the edge of the nails with a polish of the color that you like, for example, fuchsia. To finish, you can make small black dots with a very fine brush or stick to the original design.

Stamped nails

Stamped nails

These patterned nail designs can also be a good option if you like stripes, plaid, floral motifs, or animal print, among others. They are the latest fashion in terms of nail art although you must have a lot of skill because the prints are difficult to represent on the nails, especially in the short ones.

In any case, if you are a lover of prints, you can always turn to nail stickers. Thus, you will only have to stick them on the nails and then apply a layer of glitter to fix the design and that they do not come off.

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Moles or white points

Moles or white points nail art

This is another excellent alternative to paint short nails and you only need two different enamel colors: one for the base of the color and another white to make the moles or moles. You also need a very fine brush to draw the moles, as they will be more beautiful if they are smaller.

Decoration without color base

Decoration without color base nail art

This is one of the most original nail designs to paint short nails without a color base. You can choose a flower model with pink, green, lilac and white enamel. To do this, make a drawing that you like with the help of a fine brush and then color it.

Of course, you must wait for one color to dry completely to start with the next. This will ensure that the result is what you expected. You can use nail polish with glitter to make your nails look brighter and prettier.

Flower design

Flower design nail art

It is similar to the previous design, but in this case, it would have a colored base. And it is that short nails look spectacular with prints like this one, which also provides more fun and colorful look.

The combinations are multiple in terms of the colors and design of the flowers, but you must ensure that if the flowers are in light tones, the base is darker so that they stand out and vice versa. Use a fine brush to draw the flower petals as well as the center point.

Print with newspaper letters

Print with newspaper letters nail art

Of all the nail designs mentioned, this is perhaps the most original. To paint the short nails in this way and surprise everyone with this original decoration, you need an old newspaper and cut 10 pieces large enough to cover the entire nail.

Apply the base of the nails in a light color, such as nude, white, or pale pink, so that the letters look good. Now add alcohol to a container to dip your nails in for 10 seconds. Remove your finger from the alcohol and cover your fingernail with one of the pieces of newspaper. Hold for 15 seconds and carefully remove the paper. Do not go overtime or the paper will be stuck to the nail.

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Glamorous enamels

Glamorous enamels

One of the most daring nail designs is the one that bets on transgressive enamels and brings a touch of glamor to your look. You can choose the gold or silver tone, it will be impressive, and with a texture very different from other enamels.

Remember that you can also use any of these designs to paint short toenails. You can put on the first coat of clear enamel so that the colored enamel blends well into your nails. Finally, you must move the enamel before proceeding with the painting to make it more consistent. Then put on thin layers of paint and you will get almost professional results.

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