What do you put on a Mother’s Day card?
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What do you put on a Mother’s Day card?

Mothers are extremely important in life. So receiving a sweet card on Mother’s Day is the least they deserve! But what do you write on a Mother’s Day card? If your pen hangs above the paper or the cursor blinks idly, we are happy to help you. For every mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, bonus mom or mother celebrating her first Mother’s Day, we collected a nice text for a card. This way you know exactly what you can tell her on Mother’s Day 2020!

Short text for your Mother’s day card

mothers day card

A mother is such a sweet person who sometimes understands just one look and who only needs half a word. Are a few words between your mother and you often enough and are you looking for a short text for your mother’s day card? With one of these sentences, you have a sweet text for mom and you say exactly what it says.

  • Happy Mother’s Day mommy!
  • Thanks for everything you did and did for me, Mommy. I love you!
  • Dear Mom, you are the sweetest
  • You are a top mom!
  • You are special, dear mama. 
  • I can’t imagine a better mother!

Mother’s Day quotes and spells

Mother’s Day quotes and spells

What do you say on Mother’s Day when everything has already been said once? Very nice is a short, funny quote, a Mother’s Day text from the Bible or a nice saying for your Mother’s Day card. With these quotes and spells you write a text on your mother’s day card that will stay with her for a long time. Share happy mother’s day messages to make her feel special.

  • MOM turned upside down spells WOW!
  • A mother becomes
    your best friend over the years .
  • I know if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Jeff Foxworthy

  • There are many strong women, but you surpass them all.

Proverbs 31:29

  • Home is where my mama is.
  • “Mother” is actually another word for “wizard”

Write about the best memory with your mom


The easiest way to write Mother’s Day texts is to use your own memories. For example, think about your best memory with your mother and write it on your Mother’s Day card! You can write sweet words for mom in a jiffy. Your mother will really appreciate the sweet text and will give the card a nice place. By the way, definitely add a nice photo from the past, because mothers like that.

Dear Mama,

I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day. Hopefully the sun will shine all day long, because that’s what you love. I hope we can make many more memories together. For example, do you remember the time I forgot my phone in that restaurant? What did we laugh then, huh!

I love you mother!

Beautiful poems as Mother’s day texts

Beautiful poems as Mother’s day texts

For Mother’s Day there are also many beautiful poems that you can write on a Mother’s Day card as text. A poem often says what you cannot put into words yourself. So find a beautiful poem that suits your mother and you and let her know how happy you are with her! One of these Mother’s Day poems are beautiful options.

  • You cannot choose a mother yourself,
    but if that were the case
    you would have been on the top of my list!
  • So once a year
    that is far too little?
    You are a good mother
    every day.
    With you as a mother it
    is always Mother’s Day!
  • Today is a great day,
    especially for you: it’s Mother’s Day!
    You are the sweetest I know, which is
    why I am so proud of you.
    Make a nice day today for a fun day for you and me!

Sweet lyrics for mom: lyrics about mothers

Sweet lyrics for mom

Did you know that a lot of beautiful songs have been written about mothers? That’s why it’s fun and original to write lyrics on your Mother’s Day card. Below are examples of the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys. Artists like Tupac and Justin Bieber also wrote songs about their mother.

  • Back then I didn’t know why 
    Why you were misunderstood
    So now I see through your eyes
    All that you did was love

Spice Girls – Mama

  • The feeling that mothers have
    She offers a warm place
    Mission of her life
    And she never finds anything crazy

Piglets BIG Film – The feeling that mothers have

  • Mom, you showed me everything that I should know. 
    you showed me how to love and how to care.
    you showed me that you would always be there. ’cause mom, you always were.
    I wanna thank you for that time and I’m proud to say you’re mine.
    I love you mom

Backstreet Boys – The Perfect Fan

  • So mother, I thank you
    For all that you’ve done and still do
    You got me, I got you
    Together we always pull through

Christina Aguilera – Oh Mother

Funny text for your Mother’s day card

Funny text for your Mother's day card

Do you want to wish your mother a happy Mother’s Day with some humor? We looked up a number of funny texts, which indeed also contain some truth! So if you don’t like a sweet text on your mother’s day card, then one of these texts is perfect for your card.

  • Mommies are just like daddies, but smarter and more beautiful
  • A mother’s patience is like toothpaste. No matter how much you use, there is still a little left …
  • Mommy, you are a superhero disguised as a human!
  • Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother

Mother’s Day text: what have you always wanted to say to your mother?

text for your Mother's day card

Would you like to write a Mother’s Day text yourself? Then think about what you would like to tell your mother again. What has she taught you in your life? And at what times in your life has she supported you so well? Your mom would love to hear how she influenced your life! Express your appreciation to her and show that you care about her.

Appropriate text for a Mother’s Day without a mother

mothers day without mom

Sometimes we are so busy with our own lives that we forget that there are also children who no longer have a mother. Maybe because they never knew her or because she died. These people deserve to receive an encouraging ticket on a perhaps difficult day like Mother’s Day. With one of these texts you let them know that you are thinking about them.

  • The pain becomes less sharp,
    it is slightly less painful .
    Missing is not less
    but a little bit more.
  • I have a letter here for my mother
    Who is high, who is high in heaven
    I tie this letter to my kite
    Until she receives it, they, those I miss

André Hazes – The kite

  • You still have your good friends, they are also close to you.
    And if you sometimes want some attention, they are by your side.
    But no one will remember how to play with your doll
    And no one will ever share your earliest with you
    The day after which you will never be vulnerable and small
    The day after which you will never be a child

Karin Bloemen – No more children

Surprise your mother with Mother’s Day 2020!

mothers day surprise

With these sweet words for mom, you can be sure that your mother will receive an original card and have a happy Mother’s Day. Give her a nice bunch of flowers and a big kiss, because it is only Mother’s Day once a year!

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