5 Amazing Pizza Facts That You Must Not Miss Out
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5 Amazing Pizza Facts That You Must Not Miss Out

Pizza is the most famous Italian cuisine that has even emerged as the most craved fast food in many parts of the world. Almost all people of all nationalities are aware of this Italian dish. Pizza is one of them but you need to know the Amazing Pizza Facts.

It is rare to meet someone who does not like pizza. This is a fantastic combination of veggies, nonveg, and cheese. You can have a bite of this cuisine anywhere and anytime with your preferable flavors.

There are so many interesting facts about pizza. Like pizza is said to be a part of Italian cuisine, but actually, it is not originated in Italy but was experimented in Greece.

Also, the original Roman pizzas were in square shape and not circular. So for all the Pizza lover’s squad, we are presenting a list of similar amazing fun facts of this delicacy that you must not miss out.

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Have you heard these Amazing Pizza Facts?

pizza facts

Let’s dive into interesting information that every hardcore Pizza lover should know:

1. Around 16 percent of males in 2 to 39 years of age eat pizza in all their meals on any given day.

Well, yes, you heard it right! According to a survey conducted by USDA, this is the most popular dish among men and men can eat pizza all day without getting bored. Males between the age groups of 2 to 19 are more inclined towards pizza, and 1 in 4 of them can ingest pizza at any time.

2. The highest-priced pizza in the world costs around €9,000

The famous pizza chef named Renato Viola has prepared the most expensive pizza in the world. Interestingly, this pizza is known as Louis XIII and can be tasted in his Italian gourmet pizzeria. The topping of this pizza is a combination of ingredients like lobster, Squilla Mantis (Mediterranean shrimp), three kinds of Caviar, buffalo mozzarella, and pink Australian salt. The cost of this innovative dish is €9,000.

3. The diameter of the world’s most giant pizza is 122 feet and 8 inches.

This monster pizza is named as Ottavia and was presented in Fiera Roma (Rome, Italy) on December 13, 2012. It was prepared by a team of incredible chefs. The names of these chefs are Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi, Dovilio Nardi, and Matteo Giannotte. This pizza was recorded into Guinness Book of World Records. The purpose of this pizza was to spread a message about healthy food choices and hence was made up of 100% gluten-free ingredients. Now you want to make your own pizza, then indulge in pizzafood tour and get an opportunity to meet amazing Italian chefs. These types of events are planned by Monti Food Tour.

4. A 3D printer was tested and funded by NASA to make pizza for astronauts.

Now, this seems to be shocking, but the fact is that while living in space, astronauts also have a craving for food items like pizza. So with the help of BeeHex (Austin-based tech organization), NASA got a 3D printer that can create food like pizza or any other dish. This printer was efficient enough to prepare the meal faster than the chef. Also, many varieties were available with this device.

5. Pizza can help to cure Cancer.

Pizza can help to cure Cancer

According to a recent study, it is observed that pizza consumption can reduce the risk of Esophageal Cancer. But this does not imply that one would be healthy after eating a slice of pizza every day. Pizza once a week is a good idea. This delicious food item is packed full of proteins and anti-oxidants due to cheese.

So next time when you feast on pizza, no need to feel guilty as it is good for health. So it would be wonderful to make our own unique pizza. The best way is to learn the recipe is to take guidance from an Italian chef. So whenever you get a chance, participate in pizza making Food Tour in Rome organized by best food event planner- Monti Food Tour. They arrange each food tour with a local guide who can help you to introduce you to the local places in Italy.

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