7 Animal-inspired jewellery that every fashionista must own

7 Animal-inspired jewellery that every fashionista must own

We fashionista’s want to stay ahead of the trend. From Headbands to boho jewellery we want to have everything that the world has to offer. Then, why stay behind when it comes to fashionable Animal-inspired jewellery.

Over the years we have seen tremendous growth in the popularity of animal-inspired jewellery. Some of us wear it for the sake of fashion while some of us want to show our love for these cute creatures. Animals are known for their various personality traits and people have been connecting these traits to humans since centuries.

 Celebrities, models, influencers, all have been caught wearing this amazing animal-inspired jewellery.

Popular Animal-inspired jewellery

 Here are 5 unique and latest fashion Animal-inspired jewellery that you must own for the love of animals.

1)   Vintage Owl Necklace

Vintage Owl Necklace

Owls are symbolic of higher wisdom and hence there is no doubt that people wouldn’t love it. This stylish Vintage owl pendant comes with a long chain giving this piece of jewellery a boho look. There has been a high demand for vintage and oxidized jewellery recently contributing to the growing popularity of this unique owl locket.

This owl necklace is perfect for casual outings, a shopping spree or even a party. The beauty of this owl necklace is such that it can be paired up with a casual pair of jeans, an evening gown or a casual skirt as well. Surprise your girlfriend with this beautiful locket for girls.

2)   Cute cat earring-Animal-inspired jewellery

Cute cat earring

Isn’t this just awe-inspiring? The in-out earrings have been growing in popularity since the end of 2019. The best of the in-out earrings are these cute little cat earrings. These stud earrings will complete the definition of funky jewelry in your wardrobe.

So if you want to collect compliments and be the talk of the funk town, you need to have this cute cat earring in your collection.

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3)   Butterfly rings

Butterfly rings

Butterflies are a symbolism of beauty and charm. For centuries butterfly inspired dresses, jewellery, designs have been every girl’s favourite. No matter the age, a girl can’t deny a butterfly’s beauty. 

To add charm to your dress you absolutely need this beautiful and elegant butterfly ring. Be ready to gain some attraction and a lot of jealousy when you walk down the road wearing this gem.

4)   Cat rings

Cat rings

We can never have enough of our fluffy friends. Cats are symbolic of mystery and magic. In ancient tales, people used to worship cats for good luck. These cat rings are perfect for every cat lover out there. There are tons of varieties of cat rings from cat paw rings to cat ear rings to many more.

Cat lovers are literally going crazy over the collection of cat rings. The best part is these are highly comfortable daily wear rings, which you can pair up with any outfit including office wear.

5)   Snake bracelet

Snake bracelet

The fashion of 2020 is here. Snake bracelets are perfect for those people who want to make a bold statement with their fashion and style. Snakes are symbolic of creative life force and healing. Just like a snake sheds its skin and takes a new birth it is believed that it gives power to people to rise up again from ashes.

As said above, this isn’t something someone with a faint heart can do. Just like wearing a bold snake bracelet shows your self-confidence. So glam up the ramp with this stylish and bold snake bracelet.

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6)   Elephant anklet

Elephant anklet

A symbolism of royalty in India, elephants are related to wealth and worship. We Indians always loved dressing up our feet. However, the millennials have a little different style of doing so. We crave for single anklets, charm anklets and lightweight jewellery in contrast to heavy Indian Payals. 

Since we are talking about animal-themed jewellery how can we forget our pretty feet? This elegant looking elephant and sun anklet has taken the fashionistas by storm. Everyone, literally everyone craves to own one of these anklets. This double-layered elephant charm anklet adds just the right charm to any outfit you wear.

7)   Honey bee pendant

Honey bee pendant

Remember the saying “ As busy as a bee” ?? Well, if you have a friend who loves cute insects and mostly keeps busy then this locket will be perfect for her. The simplicity of this locket makes it a perfect gifting option.

From children to adults everyone seems to love this beautiful bee pendant. This honey bee pendant adds just the right buzz to any dress you wear.

If you are an animal lover there can never be enough animal-themed jewellery.  For those of you who already own all of the above can go out and try out the cute bat, wolves, fish and dragon accessories. Animal-themed jewellery is taking a surge and is going to continue to do so. So don’t be left behind and start making your own collection of cute animal-inspired jewellery.

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