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What to look in a Wig before buying it- Complete guide

What to look in a Wig before buying it- Complete guide

What is a wig?

A wig is simply a way to cover your head with either human hairs which are basically not yours or maybe by some animal hairs and also synthetics wigs are also being used these days for this purpose. Choosing wigs to cover the head is a much cheaper option than going for hair growth laser treatments and hair extension installations. There are numerous reasons which can be a cause of hair loss however, wigs are making it easy for people to hide this fact and lead a confident life. In this article, you will read about some best wig brands from which you can choose.

What are the best brands available for wigs?

Many choices are available for wigs brands. In this article, I am mentioning some of the wig brands to consider

1.    Brazilian Remy Human Hair Wigs Straight Full Lace Wigs
2.     Wig short yellow Costume Play Wigs
3.     Curly Kinky Human Hair
4.     VEBONNY Loose Curly Brown Lace Front Wigs for Women

Why do people choose to wear a wig?

There are numerous reasons because of which people choose to wear wigs

  • Some people are tired of their old look they want to try something new.
  • Some people have a medical condition in which they are experiencing extreme hair loss.
  • Thinning of hairs and baldness in some also makes them think about using wigs.
  • Styling convenience is also one of the major reasons for using artificial wigs.

What are the different types of wigs?

Countless options are available from which you can choose the best one according to your preferences. Your wig will not only affect your personality but also every type is different in prices and durability.

Here I am mentioning some commonly use kinds of wigs;


It is the most natural type of wig as it is made up of human hair. Human hair wigs are versatile and you can easily style it in various ways.  However, they are one of the most expensive yet durable types of wigs. It requires a lot of maintenance just like your natural hair.


They are the most affordable wigs option and can last up to six months if worn daily. They are made up of synthetic materials like nylon.  Although these synthetic hairs are very similar to the natural hairs because of their synthetic materials no heating or curling can be done on these wigs as it will melt.


As the name defines, this is a type of synthetic wigs that can be used for heating and curling purposes.

Pros and Cons of human hair wig and synthetic wig

Human hair wig
  • Versatile can be styled in many ways
  • Long-lasting and durable nature makes it perfect for everyday use
  • Cannot be affordable by many because of its expensive price
  • It requires good maintenance in contrast to others.
Synthetic hairs
  • Low maintenance
  • Ready to wear style
  • Lost cost
  • Less durable
  • Cannot be styled in many ways
  • Heat sensitive

Points to remember before buying a wig:

There are certain factors which should be considered before buying a wig

  • Hair texture which you are going to use
  • Your cap size
  • Choose a wig according to your face shape
  • What hair color which you are using for your wig.
  • What length of hair wig you are going to use.

Effect of face shape on the wig:

While choosing a wig you should not forget the fact that every wig will not suit you since everyone has a different face cut.

Below are the few guidelines which you might need to know before making any purchase.

  • Oval shape face: Oval shape face is rather longer than wider and it goes well with any hairstyle, texture, and any length of hairs.
  • Round shape face: Chin length hair or little longer hairs will go best with round shape face.
  • Square shape face:  Try to style your wig hairs in a manner that will lengthen your face.
  • Heart shape face: Use a wig that covers the jawline bot very long.

How to determine a perfect wig size?

You can discover the perfect wig size by finding the right fit

Below are the points to remember for measuring a wig:

  • Measure the circumference of your head
  • Measure the hairline from the center of the forehead till the nape of the neck.
  • Measure it back to the front hairline.

Which cap style of the wig to choose?

Cap is the part of the head where the wig is going to stick. There are different cap constructions. Each one has its own advantages. Some of them are listed below.

1.       Hand-tied cap:

  • Natural-looking cap
  • Can comb hair in any direction

2.       Lace front cap:

  • Allow styling your hairs away from the face.
  • Delicate in nature.
  • Affordable

3.       Monofilament top:

  • Most commonly used cap
  • Extra soft material is added for comfort

What criteria should we follow for maintaining wigs?

Wig maintenance is as necessary as taking care of your own hairs, it will not only keep them in perfect shape but also increase durability. Proper love and attention can increases the lifespan of your wig,

  • It is recommended to place it over the mannequin head after every use.
  • If you have a wig that is sewn along your hairline then wear a bonnet scarf while sleeping to keep your wig safe.
  • Always try to wash your wigs with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners.
  • Avoid using harsh cleansers on your wig.
  • If you are wearing it daily then it is recommended to wash it twice a month.
  • Try to avoid washing it too much as it may damage.
  • Avoid heating synthetic wigs
  • Do not use styling creams and oils on your wig.
  • Detangle your wig hairs regularly.

Final thoughts:

Selecting the right kind of wig and then pulling it off with confidence is what matters the most. Nobody wants to invest their money in something which makes them uncomfortable. This article is providing you a complete guideline about the things which should be considered while buying a wig. The more you know about something the more it will become easier to purchase. We hope that in the end, you will love the look with your new wig. For more beauty related blog posts visit One Spot Beauty.

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