7 Ways Poor Body Posture can Destroy your Health
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7 Ways Poor Body Posture can Destroy your Health

We have always been told to sit straight. Our teachers, parents, and everybody else we meet, instructs us about body posture. Considering the implications poor body posture can bring us, we are always advised to maintain the right one.

The side effects of a poor posture can go far beyond an altered appearance and it can affect your overall well-being. It is a common observation that most of us tend to see the side effects of bad posture just after weeks. From suffering from back pain to constantly stressing out muscles, we experience many things.

Why is Body Posture Important?

The right posture is important for your overall health. It not only helps to regulate the blood flow to the parts of your body but it also keeps your nerves and muscles healthy. While in case of a bad posture all of these things are badly affected. If prolonged for a longer period of time this can result in serious and severe damage that might be irreversible.

Not only your posture but the way you sit, remember or lay down, everything affects your health. This even takes in the choice of mattress and chairs you use on a daily basis. My mother used to have severe back pain and went to many doctors in Multan. Though later it was found that it all was originating from the wrong mattress choice.

How Poor Body Posture is Harmful to You?

If you are still not convinced to avoid poor body posture then this article might be the perfect read for you. Here are the ways in which a bad posture can be harmful to you.

1- Body pain

Maintaining a poor posture for longer periods of time is harmful to you because it can result in body pain. Certain areas of your body are more affected than the other ones. If you have a bad [posture you are more likely to suffer from back, neck, shoulder pain alongside a persistent headache. A poor posture adds a burden on these parts of your body making them painful.

2- Stress

When you have a bad posture throughout the day and night, it will ultimately stress out your muscles and leave you restless. This restlessness hinders your ability to work well and that’s why a bad posture can be the cause of unwanted stress. This stress is harmful to you in all ways and can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

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3- Trouble sleeping

Alongside all other problems, poor body posture can also affect your sleep quality. Poor sleep hygiene is itself the cause of many associated health problems. So, if you are not sleeping properly and not taking enough sleep it will automatically affect your overall health. When you are not comfortable or have a poor posture for the rest of the day and night, you will definitely find it difficult to sleep.

4- Poor spine health

Another way poor body posture is bad for you is due to its ability to affect your spine health. Your spine is the foundation of your overall body and when your spine won’t be healthy, you will find it difficult to perform your routine activities and ultimately suffer from associated back pain problems such as back pain etc.

5- Poor digestive health

This is especially important in the case of sitting posture. When you have to sit for hours at a desk, it adds pressure to your abdomen. It ultimately presses your digestive organs and thus added pressure results in compromised digestive function. So, a bad posture can also be the cause of your bad digestive health.

6- Prolonged recovery times after a workout

Whenever you work out, you end up damaging your muscles and other tissues. Your body needs time to recover from this workout stress. However, with poor posture, our workout recovery times will be even more extended.

7- Poor nerve health

When you maintain a bad posture for a long time it ends up forcing your nerves to change their positioning. When this delicate vein network is affected, it affects your nerves and affects the movement of organs associated with those nerves.

Bottom Line!

A correct body posture is important for you for all the reasons. To avoid any side effects due to bad posture one must focus on the ways they sit or stand. Other than this all other lifestyle practices also affect your body functions. Thus, it is important to start working on it right now and talk to your physician in case you observe any warning signs.

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