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Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Space

Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Space

It is quite challenging to design bathroom layouts, especially when there is limited space for the bathroom. If you have a small space for your bathroom, you need to act smart and find the best small bathroom ideas that make the area functional. But, ensure to keep Vastu tips for bathroom in mind when choosing the small bathroom design to have maximum benefit. To help, here are some favorite small bathroom design ideas that work for small spaces. Let us have a look at the designs. 

Adding Mirror Walls

Regardless of the bathroom’s size and space, you can make it look more substantial by adding a mirror across all the walls. It is an effective and practical method to make a barrow bathroom look bigger. Plus, mirrors are the best ways to reflect light, and this even helps you to get more natural lighting from windows and light fixtures. 

Wall Mounted Toilets 

If your bathroom walls have sufficient space for a build-in toilet tank, you can easily save legroom and floor space by installing wall-mounted toilets. If mounting the toilet on the wall is not possible, then ensure to add shelving above the tank to add some extra space or extend the vanity top to make a slender projection.

Remove the Tub

Bathtubs unnecessarily consume twice the floor space than showers. So, if you have the option to remove the tub, you will create significant space in your small bathroom. Showers are not only good for guests, adults, and older ones but also save space in your small bathroom. Hand showers are the best option to save even more space. But if you have kids at home and keeping a bathtub is necessary, prefer to have some low profile tubs. The flat height tubs make it easy to in and out and also make the bath area more open and spacious.

Frameless Shower Panels and Glass Tub

Shower curtains are the things of a bygone era. Today nobody likes it as it sticks to you when taking a bath, and cleaning is a headache. Plus, these shower curtains consume one-third of your bathroom space visually. So, to overcome from all these hassles, shower curtains must be replaced with frameless glass panels. It opens up to the bath area correctly and also promotes the influx of natural lighting in the bath area. 

Glass panels are easy to maintain, and there is no hurdle in installing it, making it the best choice for small bathrooms. 

Curb-less Showers

Curb-less Showers are the favourite and widely accepted small bathroom design idea. It helps in eliminating the curb around the shower, allowing flooring to continue right into the shower area. It works best with a stone slab, concrete, or tile flooring. The shower area may also include hidden or infinity-edge drains for an elegant and flawless look. The Curb-less Showers are simple and easy to maintain and clean.

Pocket Doors

Apart from removing the bathtubs, another space-saving option in a small bathroom is to install pocket doors instead of traditional in-swinging entry doors. To fix this type of pocket door in your bathroom, you need to open the wall to create the required pocket for the door. With the installation of a pocket door, you can get up to 9 sq—ft of usable space in your small bathroom. Plus, you would have higher flexibility when installing any bathroom fixtures. Surface-mounted sliding door hardware is also the best option to create a barn door or modern sliding door look in your bathroom.

Contrast Colours in Bathroom

With small bathrooms, you have to be strategic and smarter with color selection. Avoid dark walls as it makes the small bathroom look and feel smaller. Lighter walls reflect more lights and make the area feel more significant. If you are using wood flooring, look for the shower tiles that suit the wood in tone and color. It will create the look of a continuous floor and never draw your attention to smaller parts of the bathroom.     So, these were some of the best small bathroom design ideas that you may use to design your bathroom with limited space. When it comes to deciding the area for bathroom construction, ensure to check the Vastu Shastra for Home to make sure you are constructing the bathroom in the right direction for prosperity and positive energy in the house. 

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