8 Constant Makeup Blunders That Most Women Make and Their Fixes
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8 Constant Makeup Blunders That Most Women Make and Their Fixes

From the teenage, you try your hand at applying makeup to get it perfect one day. For that, you spend hours struggling in front of the makeup mirror, and most of your twenties pass by. Though the internet is bustling with the makeup hacks showing makeup for teenage beginners, you end up making mistakes from which you are unaware.

Just think the way you make a perfect wing while applying eyeliner for eye makeup. Is it by stretching the area around your eye? If yes, then that’s the first makeup mistake you’re making in your daily life. Likewise, there are other blunders too, which you must have made since a teen. But now, no more mistakes!

To help you out, we’ve come up with 8 constant makeup blunders that mostly for women makeup (maybe including you) along with their fixes. Hence, continue reading the blog, and get your makeup right from next time.

1. Pulling your eye back:

Stretching the area around your eye while putting on eyeliner can break down your sensitive skin. But if your eyes are unrelaxed during the application of eyeliner, then the result can be a horrible uneven line & it will give the messy eye makeup.

There’s a quick fix for it – you can use stencils for creating a wing. It will be like a win-win situation. You’ll be able to save your skin around your eye while avoiding getting a dragged down look during the application of eyeliner.

2. Not preparing your skin properly:

Generally, when you plan to apply makeup on your face, the first thing that strikes in your mind is the application of foundation. Right? Wrong, ladies! That’s another common mistake which many beautiful women make (for women makeup).

When prepping for makeup, the foremost thing you need to do is cleansing your skin. Then toning, using a facial oil (if appropriate), and applying moisturizer. That will give you a flawless application of makeup. This process will help your fully hydrated skin to do wonders under and over your actual women’s makeup, both.

3. Drawing lines on full eyebrows:

Ladies, don’t get harsh on your lovely eyebrows! You can make your entire brow shape harder to mix and probably can soften them by drawing heavy lines on it. That means you’ll land up getting an unnatural and funny brow which don’t match with your hair color.

You have to adapt “less is more” approach when it comes to your brows. You can start shaping your brows with a color that matches (or one shade lighter) with your natural hair color. Instead of tracing a harsh line and trying to blend with your finger, use an eyebrow brush. Start brushing it upwards to create an illusion of a fuller look.

4. Using too many products for contouring:

You observe celebrities’ perfect look and dream of having your look just as sharp as theirs. And that’s why you spend time staring at your mirror for amazing women makeup. But the reality is, you don’t need to do all this. Also, you may get nasty orange streaks in a natural light setting, if countering is done with too many products.

For countering purposes, keep a golden rule of three. Putting it another way, start applying matte bronzer at the top of your forehead. And make light strokes down your hairline connecting your forehead to the top of your cheekbone and your jawline. After that, blend a little and see the magic.

5. Attempting makeup in wrong lighting:

Have you ever tried to apply makeup in a room that lacks light? If yes, then, dear friend, you are walking on a scary path. Under unnatural lights, you won’t get a look as flattering as you’ve hoped. You can even miss some spots too.

Some renowned makeup artist says that natural sunlight provides the most precise reflection of your face in a makeup mirror. Therefore, dot your foundation and swipe your eyeshadow in natural light. If that isn’t an option, choose a warm white LED light, which most closely resembles the outside.

6. Applying too much concealer:

You can blame your boss for giving an urgent deadline after working hours or your newborn baby, who refuses to sleep. Whatever may be the reason, you look tiring after that. So, most of you will reach to concealer stick or brush and do your best to hide your dark circles. And in case you don’t use the right shade and product, you can highlight your wrinkles or lines. Or else, you’ll get a heavy and cakey look.

You can choose fluid concealers containing luminous particles, which will make your skin look healthy and natural without overloading. When you step out of your home, nobody will comment on you saying you are wearing a mask of makeup.

7. Wearing lipstick on naked lips:

Many women tend to wear lipstick soon after their lunch or coffee break on their bare lips. And that’s the biggest mistake you are making. Your lip colour may not last for a longer time, also leading it to dry lips.

As a solution, many of you apply foundation or a bit of primer on it. You are not at fault as the internet is full of these hacks. But it can make your lips crusty and less-luscious looking. Therefore, you need to apply a light face moisturiser and let it soak for some time. After a few minutes, you can wear your lipstick.

8. Testing foundation on wrong spots:

When you go out for a mission of purchasing a perfect match foundation, you apply a little on your hands or wrists for a quick test. However, this mistake can cause you to buy a shade that’s too dark on your face.

The correct spot to check your foundation is the neck or outer part of your cheek. Your neck colour is generally a lighter hue. So, you can trust sampling on that. Hence, compare the colour on each of these two spots and pick the formula that disappears on your skin.

Are you looking to expand your beauty horizons?

You should try using hair extensions to transform your look. But then your makeup bag will need a makeover, too. Nowadays, hair extensions come in a variety of shades, and that’s why you need to find the best makeup for it. Before that, you should learn to take care of your hair extensions, or else, they would damage your natural hair. So, women under a dilemma, find your best makeup match (avoiding the above-listed mistakes), based on the color of your strands.

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