Skincare Secrets: Why Beauty Sleep is Essential?
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Skincare Secrets: Why Beauty Sleep is Essential?

Well-rested and peaceful sleep is vital to waking up refreshed and zestful, but do you believe it can make your skin prettier and glowing? There are several benefits of shutting your eyes and taking a calm and relaxed sleep, that is why it is often termed beauty sleep. In other words, beauty sleep is essential for reviving and rejuvenating the skin.

While you may find it beguiling, sleep calms the stress and aids in activating the repair mode of the body and skin. Moreover, at night or during beauty sleep time your skin heals the damage caused during the daytime. It rewards your skin in several ways and makes it look healthier and younger. Keep reading this article to know why beauty sleep is essential and how getting a decent night’s sleep is a good skincare secret.

Beauty Sleep Time

There is no doubt that beauty sleep is essential for healthy and young-looking skin as a good night’s sleep helps your body enter the repairing mode and restores the health of your body and skin. To yield better results of beauty sleep, one has to have 7-8 hours of well-rested sleep every night.

These are the magic numbers of having a good rest per night. One must ensure the quality of sleep, i.e., one should get enough hours of rest and deep sleep, so the body can enter its restorative stage. A sleep of fewer than 6 hours or inadequate sleep negatively affects your body and health. Thus, beauty sleep time should be not less than six to seven hours.

Benefits of Beauty Sleep

It is an age-old skincare secret and skincare tip for healthy and glowing skin. Let’s have a look at the benefits of beauty sleep.

Bye-Bye Puffy Eyes

Lack of sleep makes you wake up with puffy and swollen eyes in the morning because the cortisol levels rise when you are under stress which imbalances of salts in your body. This in turn leads to fluid build-up and results in puffiness. Though, an ideal schedule for sleeping aids in bidding goodbye to puffy and swollen eyes. Moreover, it prevents dark circles and makes your under-eyes look brighter.

Young and Glowing Skin

When you sleep, your skin heals from the damages caused during the daytime, i.e., it might have sustained the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, pollution, or make-up products. Beauty sleep plays an integral part in restoring the health of your skin and making it look brighter.

Skincare Works it Best

Skincare products work best and absorb best in the nighttime as the layers of your skin are repairing and restoring its health countering the stress hormones all day long. Collagen is rebuilding and renewing which makes your skin smooth and firm. This is the reason why skincare products work better at nighttime and optimize the best recovery of the skin. Thus, it is recommended to use natural products for glowing skin and a night skincare routine just before sleeping.

Prevents Ageing and Wrinkles

Maintaining healthy and younger skin is a task but a good night or well-rested sleep is all you need to wake up glowing and prettier. Chemical melatonin is produced during sleeping which works as an antioxidant and counters dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and skin cancers by shielding the skin against harmful UV radiation. It also helps in repairing the skin cells and makes it look flush and glowing eventually keeping the ageing at the bay.

Enhances Blood Flow

Deep and sound sleep is the roadmap to healthy skin and improved blood flow. Sound sleep helps in increasing the blood flow, especially to the skin’s top layer, and makes your skin look radiant and flushed which also aids in reducing dark circles.

Bonus Night Skincare Tips

Here are some of the skincare tips to be followed to wake up with glowing skin in the morning:

  • Drink plenty of water before going to bed.
  • Wash your face with cleansing face wash.
  • Apply face serum which has natural ingredients in it.
  • Follow a proper CTM routine with natural products for glowing skin.
  • Do not forget to apply an anti-aging night cream.
  • Opt for a silk pillowcase and braid your hair.
  • Use scrunchies for tying your braid and remove all other hair accessories.

Hope this article has helped you in knowing the benefits of beauty sleep and made you aware of why beauty sleep is essential.

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