Wake-up call: The best alarm clocks to get you out of bed
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Wake-up call: The best alarm clocks to get you out of bed

Nothing can put our life in a mess than waking up late and later, rushing to get back to schedule. Almost all of us face this situation and panic every now and then. Sleeping overtime can push you into trouble, and this can affect your whole day, making you feel guilty and stressed. So you must get yours from the best alarm clocks.

Well, the alarm clock is that one thing which can help you wake up on time and complete all your work hustle-free. But there are people whose alarm does not wake them up. It is maybe because your alarm is not loud enough for you to get out of bed. There is no doubt that alarm clocks are the best invention for waking up people at their intended time, but, if that is not working for you, either you are by nature a deep sleeper or spend too much time on gadgets like smartphones and laptops that make your brain tired and affects your sleep quality.


You might be surprised to know about the diverse range of cheap alarm clocks with different styles, features, and price points available. Purchasing the right device is all you need to resolve your problem of oversleeping.

Types of alarm clocks to get you out of bed

We have rounded up some loudest alarm clock specifically for heavy sleepers with great functions that will leave no stone unturned to wake you out from the bed. Alarms that do not stop until you are standing on your feet. 

Types of alarm clocks

Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock

This amazing sonic bomb is so powerful that it will not only break your sleep but can shake your bed to get you out of your bed. The alarm has around 113db extra loud alarm with adjustable volume, including pulsating light. It also has the special feature of a 12-volt bed shaker. All you have to do is put the clock underneath your mattress or your pillow, and you will be shaken away by the clock when the alarm hits.

Peakeep 4-Inch Twin Bell Alarm Clock

The 80’s style Twin bell is a Stereoscopic dial alarm with a battery-operated loud alarm. It has no snooze button. It also has a backlight which helps in noting the time clearly at night and in the dark.

To set alarm, press and hold the alarm set button for two seconds until alarm hour digits flashes on the screen of the clock. Once it appears, it means the clock alarm is in set mode, and you can release the alarm set button. Later, press the + or – button to set or adjust the alarm hour.

Clocky Alarm Clock

This hilariously cute alarm clock is fitted with wheels on the sides. Once the alarm clock hits hard, and if you hit the snooze button more than once, the clock with its outfitted wheels will roll away, hiding itself beeping and whirling all the way. You cannot fool the clock as she is skilful enough to get out of bed to follow and catch the clock to turn her off.

Emerson Smart Set Alarm Clock

The clock features patented smart set technology that automatically sets the correct date, time, month, day, and year on its first use. It also contains a USB port for charging mobile phones and other chargeable devices. The inbuilt Bluetooth feature in the clock lets you listen to music or radio through the clock. It also has a night light for added convenience. If you are planning to buy a bedside alarm clock to make life a little easy by adding a timely wake-up routine then visit Give and Take UK. They have an amazing collection of watches and clocks- wall clocks, wristwatches, pocket watches, alarm clocks, and so on. You get an amazing variety of stylish bedside clocks at pocket-friendly prices.


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