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10 Best Co-Ord Sets for Men-Fashion Mantra

10 Best Co-Ord Sets for Men-Fashion Mantra

Best Co-Ord Sets for Men: -We see changes in men’s fashion every day, fashion and styling is fun but not for everyone. In 2022 men’s fashion is changing rapidly.

There is no place for boring solids and fitted trousers in men’s fashion anymore. Prints, color, graphics, and many more added to men’s fashion lately. 

Right styling and fashion sense can be tricky, No one has the time to put together an outfit daily.  You’ve probably seen celebrities, YouTubers, and influencers wear co-ord sets. Co-ord set for men is a two-piece outfit made out of the same fabric.

10 Best Co-Ord Sets For Men To Try In 2022

Men’s co-ords sets make your life a lot easier and hassle-free, now no need to mismatched our outfit or which goes with which. Men’s co-ord set has lots of options to choose from shirts, joggers, hoodies, and jackets. Co-ords are available for every mood you can be casual, sporty, relaxed, smart, and appalling. Let’s see the 10 best co-ord sets for men.

1. Tie And Dye Co-Ord Sets

Tie And Dye Co-Ord Sets
Image Source – Tistabene

Wear multicolors daily with tie and dye, men’s co-ord sets. It gives you a vibrant personality with a funky twist. You can easily find tie-dye cord sets under any online shopping portal. Combined with solid shoes, chains, and sunglasses.

2. Denim Co-Ord Set For Men

Denim Co-Ord Set For Men
Image Source – Tistabene

Denim was introduced in the 19th century and initially gained its fame in 1873. From 1873 to 2022 denim is an evergreen fabric that never goes out of fashion and is available in various colors to give you the choice of choosing. You can easily style with a pair of solid sporty shoes and with a white t-shirt.

3. Metallics Co-Ord Sets

Metallics Co-Ord Sets
Image Source – Tistabene

Do you love iridescent hues if yes this piece of co-ord set is just perfect for you? You can easily carry this co-ord set at parties, or going on dates and especially in the disco when light hits your outfit and looks cool. Best paired with a solid tee and solid pair of shoes. You can add accessories like chains and bracelets.

4. Tropical co-ord sets

Tropical co-ord sets
Image Source – Tistabene

In vacation mood, Tropical co-ord set adjusts the right tone for your outfit. Tropical co-ord sets are perfect for beach, yacht, and pool parties. This is the showstopper for the summer season, best coordinated with flip flops or solid color shoes. Easily accessorized with chain, goggles or sunglasses and a hat.

5. Solids co-ord sets

Solids co-ord sets
Image Source – Tistabene

Solid co-ord set looks chic and classy, it is perfect for formal, semi-formal occasions. Pastel is in trend right now and rarely goes out of trend. Best combined with solids or funky sports shoes, add chains or bracelets of your choice.

6. Lounge sets co-ord sets

Lounge sets co-ord sets
Image Source – Tistabene

Lounge sets are made up of soft cotton or woolen fabric, these are very comfortable and are perfect to relax. Lounge sets are full of comfort and style to go out with your friends, grab a drink from nearby, or go out for shopping. Easily styled with chains, white solid sneakers or sports shoes and sunglasses.

7. PJ co-ord sets

PJ co-ord sets
Image Source – Tistabene

PJs originated from south Asia under the name of pajamas and after sometime adopted by the western world basically used for sleeping, lounging and working from home. PJs  co-ord sets made up from different fabrics or night suits are for good night sleep. But, some men wear a day outfit paired with an overcoat, long chain pendant and sunglasses.

8. Sports co-ord sets

Sports co-ord sets
Image Source – Tistabene

Up for a game, a sports co-ord set is your go to outfit. It gives you a perfect athletic look for every game with your friends and it’s made from sports fabric. So you can easily become dry after a long hectic match. Can be coupled with long socks and with sports shoes. Add a sports band on the head or on the wrist.

9. Animal print co-ord sets

Animal print co-ord sets
Image Source – Tistabene

Animal print is a fashion style which resembles the fabric as skin. It is perfect for party lovers out there.Animal print co-ord sets have lots of print you can choose from. Lots of fun prints available online like leopard, cheetah, snow leopard, jaguar, zebra, tiger, margay, ocelots, giraffe, striped hyena and spotted hyena. Coupled with clean solid color shoes jazz your looks with accessories like chains, bracelets and sunglasses.

10. Gym co-ord sets

Gym co-ord sets
Image Source – Tistabene

Gym co-ord sets are mostly fitted and body hugging pieces of clothes. These types of activewear  make sure that you always feel fresh and breezy. You are always stylish and insta ready with a gym co-ord set. There are lots of variety of gym co-ord sets on every online shopping portal. You can choose from printed, solid and multicolored, paired with ankle length socks and a branded pair of shoes.


There are all 10 Best co-ord sets for men you should purchase and definitely add into your closet. You can add or remove accessories as per your linking but you look good in every single outfit mentioned above.

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