Unique DIY Jewelry Making Ideas
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Unique DIY Jewelry Making Ideas

Jewelry Making Ideas: -Since our childhood days, arts and crafts were incorporated into us by our teacher for a reason. It was to boost up our hidden creative talent. Many of us just got stuck in making money and forgot our passion in this field with Jewelry Making Kits. Remember those greeting cards, friendship bands we used to make for our friends, teachers, and family.

This pandemic gave us a lot of time to sit down and open our old school box that holds millions of childhood memories. I just can’t believe I made all those craft items that my mother has kept for all these years. Watching all that stuff triggered an idea of making sustainable jewelry from unusual but easily available household items.

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DIY Jewelry Making Ideas

Let’s get started and discuss some DIY ideas in making swag jewelry items at home.

How to make a duct tape bracelet?

Duct tapes are the most regular and easily available household items. You will need a pair of scissors, measuring tape or chart, a craft mat, and rolls of duct tapes of course. You can choose the same color duct tape or different colored tapes. It totally depends on what kind of bracelet you wanna make. Cut down the required tape length after measuring correctly.

duct tape bracelet
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Hold all three pieces together and start making a braid if you wanna make a braided one. If you have 2 tapes you can make a bracelet by twisting one over the other. These are waterproof and don’t wear out so early. These look trendy with your child’s colorful outfits.

DIY spike ring:

You must have seen spike rings in a lot of mythological or Goth web series. These rings look super chic with your sassy outfits and give you a gothic look. You can make these rings and home with keyring wires, your old rings, or metal wires.

DIY spike ring
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Select some spiky beads or spiky studs from your old jewelry or you can buy them online. Pick up the studs one by one and glue them patiently on the wire. Let it dry properly, tadaa!!! your ring is ready to wear. 

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Etched copper cuff:

Copper cuffs are never out of fashion. These old-age band items are loved by the millennials and the GenZ. You can make these copper cuffs at home for yourself or as a gift item to your friends. There are several tutorials available to make these copper bands with simple steps.

Etched copper cuff
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However, this jewelry idea needs to be done under supervision. Don’t let your children perform this alone as it includes fillers, cutters, and acid for etching copper.

Leather earrings:

Boho items have been getting a lot of hype for the past few years now. Their style mostly includes leather products, beads, and oxidized metals. You can easily make these leather earrings, bracelets, anklets, and home without spending so much money buying them online. You just need some leather pieces and your creative mind to make out swaggy jewel items.

Leather earrings
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The easiest of all is to make leather earrings. Cut down a leather piece from your old leather bags, jackets, or any other leather material available at your home. Cut out some wire, bend it to make ear loops. You can design your earrings with additional beads and glitter.

Vintage brooch:

How about making a brooch that looks completely vintage. You can make it out of your old pendant, a bottle cap, coins, etc. Glue some artsy things over these base metals and get creative by adding lace, shimmery motifs, or anything that you feel like.

Vintage brooch
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You can make a brooch using a simple bobby pin or safety pin also. It’s all about your creativity and wit to create something extraordinary.

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Tassel pendant and earrings:

Tassel jewelry is getting a great surge in demand for a while now. You can create these tassel earrings or pendants at home with the help of threads, chains, ribbons, etc. There are several tutorials available online that can give you a basic idea of creating what you are designing in your head.

Tassel pendant and earrings
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Try to add maximum colors so that your earrings or pendant gets coordinated with almost everything in your wardrobe.

DIY marbled clay pendant necklace:

Get a little modern touch to your jewelry collection with marbled pendants. These are easy to make and look super classy and artistic at the same time. You can learn some easy methods to make these marbled clay pendants online.

DIY marbled clay pendant necklace
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This is something different from usual jewelry making and may get you some customers if you are good at it.

DIY mini beaded rings:

These rings are most popular among teenagers. The mini beaded rings have a vast scope in letting out your creativity. You can design your rings with numerous colors in different styles and designs. You can embellish them with some colored stone or let them be simple and cute.

DIY mini beaded rings
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These beaded rings can be designed to cover the ring as a whole or you can use some of them on the face of the ring. It’s a beautiful and memorable gift for your BFF.

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Rainbow bracelets and earrings:

Rainbow has been so fascinating since our childhood. Isn’t it a good idea to get inspired by it to create some jewel items? You can use all the colors of the rainbow to create some gorgeous bracelets and earrings.

Rainbow bracelets and earrings
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You can use beads, paint the metal, threads, stones in this arrangement for this purpose. Moreover, you can get a good amount of support from and love from the LGBTQ society. And you can support them too this way. They use rainbow flags to denote their community. It’s a kind gesture yet it depends on every individual.

Bobby pin earrings:

I am sure you must have lost dozens of bobby pins and hair ties. How about getting creative with bobby pins. These are such cheap items to buy. All you need is bobby pins, earring heads, beads, paint, and any other special item you want to make these earrings.

Bobby pin earrings
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You can use a single bobby pin or use multiple to give an idea of tassel earrings. Make your brain workout a bit to get some outstanding ideas.

Wrapping up

Try out these DIY ideas and put their pictures on your Instagram handle, Facebook profiles or all other social media accounts. Maybe you get popular and grab a new business deal, you never know what your destiny holds for you. If this doesn’t work you are still gonna save some money or get your children busy since they are getting on your nerves by staying at home all day due to this pandemic situation.

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