Best Resorts of Karnataka – Fine Place To Stay With Family
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Best Resorts of Karnataka – Fine Place To Stay With Family

About Karnataka

India is an incredible country where you can find several tourist attractions. Here the interesting fact is that these places are located from north to south & east to west. The southern part of India is known for its beaches and religious shrines. The culture in southern India is said to be older than the culture in northern India. You must know about the Best Resorts of Karnataka. South India is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal.

About Karnataka

Karnataka is one of the states from South India which is known for the cultural traditions, religious sites and tourist attractions. “The Silicon City of India- Bangalore” is the capital city of Karnataka. It is also known by its old name that is Bengaluru which is its Kannad synonym. 

The original name of Bengaluru in ancient times was – “Bend Kaluru” which means any kind of grain can be boiled here due to the water at this land containing the minerals. Later it became Bengaluru and then at the time of British colonization it became Bangalore by the British Officials.  The other important cities of Karnataka are Mysore, Managlore, Hampi. Where Hampi has the historical importance.

Tourism in Karnataka

There are ample sites located in Karnataka where you can experience some ancient temples carved by rock stones with picturesque backgrounds. Other than these there are some national parks like Dandeli where jungle trekking and camping takes place.

Most of the tourist attractions are settled near some river side or forest side location which makes your holidays worth. The main governing body for tourism at Karnataka is KTDC. The full form is Karnataka Tourism Development Corporation founded on 6 Feb, 1971. It is one of the allied departments of Karnataka state government. This department ensures all tourism related activities with authority in Karnataka.

Best Resort of Karnataka

Karnataka is also known for its hospitality and warm welcome of the guests. So there are such resorts where you can have the best time with your family or friends or with your soulmate. Here are some best resorts as following:

The Shilhaandara Resort, Ramnagara

Shilhaandara Resort, Ramnagara

It is one of the beautiful resorts of Karnataka which is settled amidst green surroundings and in the backdrop of rocky mountains at the Ramanagara location of  Karnataka. In this resort, you will find premium suites and rooms from there you can enjoy the scenery and the best time with your family members.

The suites and rooms are spacious with the latest furniture and cozy beddings. The suite-like Soumithre is the topmost suite of this resort where you can have a private pool with privacy.   Other than accommodation it is the best place to have adventure sports like quad biking and zipline which is the longest in South India.

Paradise Isle Beach Resort, Malpe Beach

Paradise Isle Beach Resort, Malpe Beach

It is one of the most attractive resorts in Karnataka which is settled at the coastline of Arabian Sea at Malpe Beach. It is the official property of KTDC. At this resort you can experience the vibes of Arabian Sea.

The other interesting fact is that only the Malpe beach boasts the Wi-Fi facilities in India so the same you can enjoy here. It is near the beach where you can have glorious views of the Arabian Ocean by just walking. The dream of your kids to build sandcastles will be true here. The suite is spacious with modern amenities.

At this resort, you will also find two resorts such as- “The Ocean View and The Seashells”. These are the restaurants where you will get the chance to taste the traditional cuisine of Karnataka with international cuisine also.   

Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari, Hampi

Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari, Hampi

Hampi is the place where you will meet with historical Karnataka. It is a place decorated by nature with surreal landscapes, romantic places such as sunset points and ancient temples which tell the story of the ancient glorious empire of Karnataka.

The Hampi is also recognized as the world heritage site by UNESCO. At Hotel Mayura Bhuvenashwari you can also feel the vibes of Hampi which is nearly located to the heritage site and settled in natural surroundings far away from crowded areas of the city. At the hotel there are 30 rooms including suites and dormitory equipped with modern amenities and air conditioning facilities.

The Serai, Bandipur


The Bandipur area of Karnataka is known for its lush green dense forests in which this resort is settled. At this resort, you can have the feeling of fairyland. This resort is known for its comfortness in the lap of nature. The rooms are decorated with handpicked artifacts that make the interior superior to any other resort. The view of the forest from the window of suites is just a bonus which you can enjoy as much as possible.

The Guhantara Resort, Bengaluru

The Guhantara Resort, Bengaluru

It is a man-made wonder located at Kanakpura Road, Bengaluru. It is the first-ever underground cave resort of India in Bengaluru named as- “The Guhantara – Underground Cave Resort”. It is just 35 kilometers away from the main city of Bengaluru.

There are 18 suites in it which are designed like an underground cave and they are all decorated like a cave and contain comfortable furniture, air conditioning facilities, etc.

Other than these here you can enjoy adventure sports like zipline, zorbing including indoor and outdoor sports. You will be mesmerized by the sight of underground artificial ponds. Day Out at Guhantara is a wonderful experience.

It is all about the best resorts of Karnataka where you can enjoy the remarkable time with your family members.