Getting Your Body in Shape For Your Wedding Day
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Getting Your Body in Shape For Your Wedding Day

One might think that once you found the right venue, decided on the overall theme, and sent out those invitations, most of the wedding planning is done already. But this is just the start of your wedding journey (and stress!) – start to get your Body in Shape For Your Wedding Day. With the external pressures of wedding planning, you might overlook the most significant part of the ceremony—yourself.

Getting your body in shape can be challenging, especially if stress eating is how you cope with things. However, prepping your body does not need to make you feel bad about how it looks. It should empower you to do better and look better. It all boils down to proper diet regulation and setting a timeline.

So, ready to achieve that sleek silhouette on your wedding photos and walk that aisle with confidence? Here is a guide that can help you get started to look your best on the big day.

Advice to Get Body in Shape For Your Wedding Day

9 – 12 months before the day: Determine the look that you want to achieve.

When we say body, it does not only refer to your frame and size. It also includes how you want to style your hair, your skin situation, and all other physical aspects you aim to emphasize and improve.

The first step is to pick a color palette or a wedding theme. Whichever design and style you choose will be the basis of your body shaping journey and wedding dress. You can base your gowns or suits on your color palette, while others do it vice versa. If you are wondering if you need to start your Body in Shape For Your Wedding Day journey this early, the answer is an astounding yes.

5 – 10 months before the day: The most critical part.

Your dress or suit is the core of your routine. If you want to wear a fitted wedding dress, like a mermaid gown, the more you need to work on your lower abdomen. Fitted dresses define your curves. So, keeping this in mind while drafting a workout routine helps target the areas of your body that you want to emphasize.

On the groom’s side, it’s best to have your suit tailored based on your actual size three to five months in advance. This will give you time to work on a better figure for your wedding day and still ensure the suit’s availability.

During this time frame, you should already lay down the foundation of your fitness routine—and stick to it. Try looking for a dependable fitness instructor that can give you a dynamic set of workouts tailored fit to your wedding dress or suit.

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If you’re a bride, look for female-focused routines like toning up triceps and abdomen.

For the grooms, workouts for the abdomen and the shoulders can be helpful if you’re going for a cleaner look in your suit or tux.

These exercises will be the test of your persistence to the body goal you’re going for. It can be hard, especially if you’re juggling it with planning the logistics of your wedding. But nothing feels better than wearing a dress, or a suit, that fits like a glove.

Work on a healthy balanced diet. Of course, those Pilates and planks would be in vain if you continue on an unhealthy diet. So, during this time frame, you should start adjusting your diet to a more focused protein-based consumption. Limit intake of carbs, calories, and sugar and cut alcohol to an occasional level.

1 – 3 months before the day: Small considerations, big impact.

Consider how you want to do your hair. The bride needs to check the neckline of her dress and compare it to her desired hairstyle or length. A textured bob or a half updo is best suited for deep V-neck gowns. If you want to grow your hair long can, decide in advance so you can get your desired length and treatment.

For the grooms – schedule your haircut a week before the wedding.

Skincare is crucial at this point. Make sure to wear sunscreens whenever going out. It’s best to stick to what’s working on your skin at this time when the big day is just around the corner. If you’re consistent on that healthy diet you set 10 months before, you should be reaping that radiant glow at this time.

1 week to the day itself: The pay-off.

This is the time you’ll see all the results of your efforts come to life. There may be unforeseen circumstances, but hopefully, you’ve been sleeping good enough not to wake up with a zit on your face.

Just continue with your routines—workout or jog, drink lots of water and finalize everything on your body shaping list. After all that pampering and prepping, it’s the time you might experience anxiety and stress. Try to ground yourself and meditate. Preparing for your body also includes the mind.

As you walk on that aisle or wait on the altar, cherish how you showed up in the best version of yourself. Isn’t it worth it?

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