Intense Colorbar Kajal Reviews for Glamorous Lady
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Intense Colorbar Kajal Reviews for Glamorous Lady

Kajal is the main tool available in girls’ beauty boxes to carry every day to special occasions. Outlining your eyelid with kajal gives you an appealing face look. And Colorbar is one of the top makeup brands and here I’ll share the Colorbar Kajal Reviews to know what you may have missed.

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Colarbar Kajal Reviews to Know

Colorbar comes up with many makeup products like kajal, eyeliner, lipsticks, foundations, and many more… But here we are talking about AlsoColoralbar Kajal, so let’s talk about it.

*Skin Type

The Colorbar Kajal is suitable for almost every skin type to carry an everyday routine.


The Kajal stays up to 12 hours a long day and is Ophthalmological and dermatologically approved.

*Best Quality

The goodness of ingredients used in Kajal is absolutely safe for your eyes and skin. The rich creamy texture is so smooth to apply to your eyes.

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Kajal Key Features

  1. You will get a glimpse of eyes with smooth Colorbar Kajal to texture the outline of your waterline, and eyeliner in one swipe.
  2. Pocket friendly and worth it to buy the quality long-lasting waterproof Kajal for your eyes.
  3. It is dark intense black and smudge-free for all-season types.
  4. This can be applied as Kajal as well as eyeliner without getting smudge for the whole day because this comes in super finished matte touch.
  5. The smooth texture of kajal allows you to draw your favorite lines to get curves to cat eyes.

Pros and Cons of Colorbar Kajal


  1. Matte dark black color
  2. Smudge-free for a complete day
  3. Waterproof
  4. Suitable for all skin types
  5. Long-lasting for everyday routine
  6. Smooth and matte texture
  7. Apply as an eyeliner also
  8. Easy to use and apply
  9. Pocket friendly
  10. Well rated products


  1. It becomes goofy after a few hours
  2. It may impact different to some skin

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Available Shades of Colorbar Kajal

Dark Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, and Hypnotic Eyes.

How to buy Colorbar Kajal?

The Colorbar Kajal is easily available in offline retail stores, you can easily get it from there. If you want to buy online then search Colorbar Kajal and you will get multiple stores to order. The reference link is attached above to get you a quick way. Hope you like this blog regarding Colorbar Kajal Review and choose to buy it for you. If you have anything to share then mention it in below comment section.

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