How to Use Your Rose Gold Makeup In 3 Best Ways?
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How to Use Your Rose Gold Makeup In 3 Best Ways?

From jewelry to the iPhone, rose gold is everywhere. You can also warm your make-up look with this trendy shade this winter, rose gold makeup. A slightly metallic and subtle red rose gold make-up gives your skin a soft and romantic glow, perfect for a day on the promenade or a night in the city. Try any of these three tricks alone or together to get the perfect rose gold makeup look.

Perfect Rose Gold Makeup In 3 Best Ways

1. Eye

Eye rose gold
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Eyes are often the first place people observe when they see you, so focus on the first impression. We love good smoky eyes, but this sweet shade unobtrusively emphasizes your eyes with the rose gold makeup. It gives a soft glow but is still bright enough to capture the light. Take a look: Apply Jane Iredale’s Rose Gold Pure Pressed Eyeshadow over your eyes, focus the color on your eyelids, and blend upwards. This eyeshadow can be easily combined with your favorite eyeliner (I love brown eyeliner for this look!) And mascara.

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2. Cheeks

Cheeks Rose Gold Makeup
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Another reason I like this winter makeup trend is that it gives your skin a beautiful blush! No matter how you spend your winters, rose gold blush can give you a refurbishment any time of the day. Sprinkle this flowering favorite on your cheeks and your cheekbones will look natural and shiny with rose gold makeup. The cheekbones serve as one of the blushers and highlights. Place a light hand on your cheekbones and sprinkle with Balm Hot Mom! Shadow & Brush All-in-One. This pink-pink shade also acts as an eyeshadow! Complete your winter look with cheeky eyebrows, thanks to your favorite eyebrow pencil.

3. Lips

Lips Rose Gold
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Rose gold is also a great shade to accentuate your favorite feature: a smile. Neutral shades are ideal for wearing rose gold alone or over your favorite lip color rose gold makeup. Gloss makes your lips look richer, but don’t have too much metal, as it draws attention to lip lines and other stains.

Do you believe in the mineral luster of rose gold?

Check the appearance: Apply rose gold mineral gloss directly from the tube or use a lip brush to increase the accuracy of rose gold makeup. This shimmering pale pink shade accentuates the pearl white. You can also accentuate your cupid’s sandwich with rose gold eyeshadow to make your smile even more pronounced.

Why choose one when you can get it all?

The monochrome rose gold make-up look gives your skin an angelic glow. This look can be dressed up or worn-it’s the perfect winter make-up!


As the winter starts we all tend to worry about our skin, right? It gets dry very easily and even the makeup doesn’t work. The rose gold makeup will help you to hide your dryness perfectly and as you know the festival is around the corner, this is the right time to get your products and shine out this Festive season.  Check the appearance, follow all three steps efficiently as mentioned above. Cover with mascara, lining, bronzer, and eyebrows for a perfect finish.

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