Ways to Style Denim for Women

Ways to Style Denim for Women

A trend that stood the test of time and indeed won the hearts of millions is denim. The different styling options in denim for women began only in the 1960s after it was legalized for women to wear full-length trousers. But since then, the variation in denim especially for women has only progressed. The era moved steadily with pants, skirts, and much more with Style Denim for Women.

With such drastic changes in trends today, it is difficult to catch on to ‘what to wear and what not to’. So, here are amazing ways you can rock the denim look:

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Denim bottoms

Denim bottoms

Well, one can never go wrong with classic denim pants. Any simple plain t-shirt or button-down shirt can be easily paired with denim pants. It works well for almost all weathers. The versatile approach makes it quite popular among all age groups.

With multiple different waist fittings like high waist to low waist denim and skinny fit to wide ankle, the styling options are wide adding an individual look to each of these styles.

Also, denim shorts and skirts make amazing additions to your closet too. The low-cut length makes them the perfect wear for the hot summer days. The heat can be dealt with a much breathable fashion choice like skirts and shorts.

Jackets and over-coats

denim jacket

Denim jackets are not thick which makes them a perfect over-layer. The jacket can keep you warm during the fall season and is a great protector during the summer. It adds an edge to the entire attire than just another common look.

Of late, these jackets are also being paired with Indian wear for an out-of-the-box look, which is an amazing mix of desi and western styles.

The trench coat variant of the denim is simply a one-of-a-kind approach. The long hemline makes anything paired with it into something much cozier and cuter. And if you are lucky enough to find one with a hood, then you are all set to rock the look.

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Denim shirts

denim shirt

Since in many fashion ventures, denim is a favorable approach, a black pant and denim shirt work adequately. Be it for casual office wear or everyday streetwear the look is reliable and something that we all have in the closet.

The denim shirt can be styled with skirts too. And skirts that are a little on the puffer side is a contrasting matching with a fitter button-down denim shirt giving an out-of-the-box yet fun look.

Dresses, Jumpsuits and overalls

denim dress

Denim dresses over the past few years have been quite popular. With variations in hemlines and sleeves, this is by far the most unique form of denim according to me. The very texture and hues of indigo make it special. These are a sorted look for brunch or as a perfect dress for date night.

Similarly, jumpsuits and overalls are fantastic for any casual situation. But overalls are comparatively much more fun-based pieces than jumpsuits. Be it an art class you are trying to take or riding your bicycle around town, this is the fashion choice to go to.

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Double Denim

Double denim

This was a super popular trend back in the early 2000s. And they are now back in style and boy are we glad about that!  The different ways of wearing denim bottoms with denim tops have no set of rules per se so, just go with your instincts and have fun. Remember girls, confidence is the key.

Many celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Zendaya, and many others love it! It could be a denim shirt with a pair of denim jeans or a denim skirt with a denim shirt or a denim dress with a jacket that has a slightly different hue. Anything you want. Just mix and match.

So, when it comes to a casual day out, nothing beats this choice. Whether you choose shirts, skirts, or overalls, you will rock it. Use great accessories and throw in a dash of colors. Remember that denim is an item that can be paired with stilettos or sneakers, flats, or heels. What else do you need to make this trend your number one choice! Dig that item out of your wardrobe and rock it girl!.

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