Best Ghee Face Masks DIYs for Winter Skin Care
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Best Ghee Face Masks DIYs for Winter Skin Care

From ancient times ghee was considered a healthy ingredient to boost your body in every possible way. Either it is considered to eat ghee in a healthy pattern or use it for body and skin care ingredients. Here we are going to detail about using ghee for winter skin care remedies with the best and easyGhee Face Masks DIYs.

Using Ghee face masks will sort out many of your skin problems and enhance your beauty. Ghee is rich in vitamins A, E, and Vitamin D which help to fight many diseases and disorders. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, lips, and feet if apply for skin care purposes.

Benefits of using Ghee for skin care

Ghee is the old practice to use for skin care and moisturizer with the properties of fighting anti-aging signs. The omega 3, 6, and 9 present in it cure and act as antioxidants.

The best moisturization and nourishment for skin, hair, lips, and feet. Also cure the anti-aging, dehydration, acne, pimples, tanning, sunburn, skin ailments, etc. For the summer it is the best ingredient for sunburn and works as a sunscreen. And for winter it works as the best moisturization to nourish your skin, body, and hair.

Best Homemade Ghee Face Mask DIYs for Winter Skin Care

Let’s start learning about ingredients to choose for your skin problem with the below list –

-Ghee Face Mask for Hydrated Skin

If you feel dry and chapped skin, then you need to hydrate your skin. Ghee will moisturize your dry skin but make the right face mask for complete skin hydration. Mix Ghee with Sandalwood powder and turmeric for skin care and make a fine paste to make your face mask. Apply this mask gently in a circular motion with a little massage with soft hands. Now leave this mask for 30 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water to remove the access grease of ghee from your face.

-Ghee Face Mask for Skin Brightening

Do you know the use of raw milk for skin brightening? No? Then you should know that raw milk is the best ingredient to remove your body tan with moisturization of the skin. But Here you need more ingredients to complete the Face Mask for Skin brightening. Take raw milk, ghee, and masoor daal, as the masoor daal will help to exfoliate your skin by removing the dead skin, blackheads, and tanning from your skin. Lastly, ghee will moisturize your skin and prevent scrubbing skin damage.

Mix all the ingredients well and apply them on your face with proper face massage which will generate the face scrubbing with its ingredients. But don’t go so much harsh with your skin and after the massage is done keep your mask for rest for the next 30 mins. Then wash your face with normal water and wipe very gently with a soft towel. You will see the difference in your face complexion and also you will feel the smoothness on your skin.

-Ghee Face Mask for Sensitive Skin Type

This is very common for people who say they have very sensitive skin and they fear applying any random products on their skin. This face mask is especially for those people but must check you’re not allergic to any particular ingredients as natural things also react to different skin. Here we are using the Multani mitti and ghee to make the face mask for sensitive skin to moisturize well. Multani mitti is a good ingredient to clear to skin and remove the impurities and tan from your skin. It has magnesium chloride which refreshes the skin with deep cleaning properties.

Multani mitti is available in 2 forms – bricks and powder form in the market. Prefer to use Multani mitti in powder form to get the fine face pack. Mix Multani mitti powder and ghee and mix it well to get face pack form. Apply this mask gently as you have sensitive skin so don’t massage your skin. After applying the face mask keep it for 30 mins on rest and wash with lukewarm water. And wipe with a very soft towel.

-Ghee Face Mask for Dull Skin

The dull skin doesn’t look good and needs to regenerate cells to brighten your skin. Here we would make the Face mask with besan or gram flour and ghee to remove the skin dullness. Besan or gram flour help to remove dead skin and deep cleanse your skin. Mix the gram flour and ghee to make a fine paste and apply on the face with a gentle rub. This process will help to remove the tan, open your skin pores, and remove dead skin. After the face mask application keeps it for the next 30 mins. Wash out your face with lukewarm water and wipe it gently. You will get bright and soft skin with softness that comes from the properties of ghee.

-Ghee Face Mask for anti-aging

This is a very serious fact that women face in the middle ages with signs of aging which cover their beautiful skin. Especially since we have an unhealthy and irregular lifestyle which raises premature aging signs and need to get skin care to get pure and wrinkle-free skin. Here we are using raw milk, honey, and ghee to remove the anti-aging signs. Mix all the ingredients well to make a face mask and apply the face mask and leave for 30 minutes. And wash out with cold water and wide with a soft towel. You will get tightened and wrinkle-free skin.

Winding Up

These ghee face mask for winter skin care routine is going to pamper skin. Pick the best solution for your skin problem and add that to your winter.

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