Top Skin Care Tips for Girls to Follow This Winters
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Top Skin Care Tips for Girls to Follow This Winters

Winter can wreck your skin, by making it dry, itchy, and irritated. Sometimes too much irritation causes a red swollen face. There are no ways to which your skin can adapt during winter unless you give your skin the right treatment it needs and that includes skincare which is recommended Skin Care Tips.

Inside and outside during winter can bring trouble, because the cold and blustery condition outside the house and the heat zaps moisture inside the house can and will leave your skin raw.

Sitting by the fireplace during winter is a good way to feel and get warm but your skin is not going to like that. The fire makes your skin dry as well as the hot shower you take. The hot water strips your skin of its natural oils.

Skin Care Tips For Girls to Follow

In this article, we will be talking about a few skincare tips that will keep your skin soft and wreck-free. To maintain healthy skin these are the Skin Care Tips you must try and continue if you don’t want to feel sad while standing in front of the mirror.

1. Consume Water

When the ambiance becomes chilly around us, we don’t consume enough water, afraid of having something cold.

This act can strip your poor skin of its moisture. Therefore try sipping your water throughout the day, avoid gulping it. Your water doesn’t have to be at normal temperature, actually in winter the water turns cold and that might affect your throat.

So, have your water in a lukewarm form and keep sipping it all day. Buy a flask in which you can store the warm water and don’t have to use the stove often.

Another way of having liquid during winter for your skin is to have tea in the flavor of lemon or ginger. This will keep you hydrated throughout the entire winter.

2. Use The Right Cleanser

Expensive products don’t always mean they have natural ingredients, they actually contain the harshest chemicals, which is a no-no for your skin. It damages the skin more than nourishing it.

Products for skin often have alcohol and fragrances added to them, which is basically useless for your dry and cracked skin, as they take away the natural oil from the skin.

While choosing the right cleanser, go for cream-based cleansers, because they keep your skin moisturized. It still affects the skin in a good way, even after taking all the dirt and makeup away at night.

Apply the cleanser in the morning after you brush your teeth and at night before going to bed.

3. Shed For The New Ones

You may be a bit nervous about shedding your skin when you already have dry, itchy skin, but trust me if you do, you will get the result.

While shedding your old and damaged skin, you are letting go of the dry ones and welcoming the new baby skin. The baby skin is soft and damaged-free, which gives you the clue to take care of it and not screw it up again. Too much shedding is not good. Don’t get addicted to it.

Your skin will be healthy and beautiful like the way you want it to be.

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4. Short Showers

Who doesn’t want a long warm shower, when it’s freezing outside. The thought of getting out of the bathroom and feeling terribly cold again makes us stay inside for a long time.

You should not get tempted and be done with your shower within 10 minutes. Hot showers and long baths are a big no when it comes to managing skin. Excessive water dehydrates and washes away the natural oil that you have in your skin.

The result of overdoing it is that you will have itchy and red skin after the bath. Does it sound scary enough? Good!

5. Use A Natural Moisturizer

Be very sincere while buying the right face moisturizer and body moisturizer. Bad quality products can harm your skin cells and instead of getting better skin, the product will make it worse.

It is highly suggested to buy oil-based products, the best moisturizer to apply is coconut oil. You have no idea how effective that thing is.

After washing your face, it doesn’t matter at what hour, apply the moisturizer immediately, lock in as much as a moisturizer.

Include your entire body as well. Every time you take a shower make sure you moisturize your entire body. If you have a date, use it in a good amount, wear a noise dress, put on some liquid eyeliner, and there you go!

6. Sunscreen Is For All Season

Those who say that sunscreen is only for summer, are wrong. Dermatologists prescribe sunscreen all through the year. Sunscreen saves your skin from harmful UV rays if you use it with at least SPF30.

Cover all the parts that are exposed. If you are on the slopes then reapply your sunscreen after heavy sweating. Sometimes the back of the neck, ears, under the chin, and lips are missed. Make sure you cover them too. For lips also use chapstick that has SPFs of more than 15.

Wrapping Up

Winter is the season of staying home all day, spending time sitting by the fireplace and sipping hot chocolate. Just like your comfort, your skin needs it too.

Make sure you apply these steps of Skin Care Tips given above for good and healthy skin. Winter is here, take care. Leave a comment down below.

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