Simple Hair Care & Hair Styling Tips Every Woman Should Follow
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Simple Hair Care & Hair Styling Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Hair styling is what everybody loves to do. Whether your hair is curly, thin, dry or oily, certain hair styling tips work on all hair types. While following your hair care routine you can adopt these styling tips to create a beautiful look in your hair that attracts your surrounding people. Read here these tips for your hair:

Give your hair a little care

  • Get a haircut
Get a haircut

Getting a cut isn’t always meant to make your hair short. A simple trimming session to get rid of split ends is enough. Damaged ends will cause to effect the overall health of hair. So removing them timely is what your hair actually wants so that they feel healthier. It is just a simple technique in which your stylist removes the split ends with scissors or a machine.

For thick hair, consider getting a haircut with layers to get some weight off from your head. Get bangs if you wish to change your look. Additionally, you can take an undercut to remove the hair from the nape of the neck. It makes your hair lay smooth.

  • Hydrate your hair

Just like our other body parts, hair needs moisture too. If they don’t get enough moisture, they become dull, dry and damaged. For this, use some natural oils like coconut, olive, almond, argan or other things like shea butter and glycerine that rehydrate your hair locks. Use products like shampoos that deal with dry hair and specially formulated for restoring hair moisture.

Also, while shampooing concentrate on the scalp. If you wash only strands and ends, it splits and strips the moisture from them. Thus, causing dull and lackluster hair.

  • Reduce frizz

While genetics are the reason for frizz in some people, there are also other reasons like humidity that create hair frizz. It happens when the cuticle of the hair strand is raised and allows moisture to pass through, making your hair frizzy and dry. There are certain shampoos in the market that create frizz after extreme usage.

So, while choosing your shampoo and other hair care products make sure they suit your scalp. Try to change your shampoo after some time and do not shampoo your hair so frequently. Your balance of protein to moisture may let off and the oils and any moisturizing product will not penetrate the hair shafts.

  • Prevent damage

Extreme brushing and combing also causes disruption in your hair cuticle, making them stretch and break off. Try to brush and comb once in a day or only when you need to do styling your hair. Be gentle while brushing and avoid pulling at your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb or anti-static to remove tangles. Also, using natural boar-bristle brushes prevent build on the scalp and help to distribute oils evenly in hair.

Try to air-dry your hair and finger-combing while they are still damp. Too much blow-dry and heat waves also cause damage to hair. Simply damp your hair with a towel and avoid heat styling tools. Also, take note on how often you should color your hair as it can also damage your natural hair.

Some easy hairstyles that suits to all types of hair

  • Bouncy curls or beachy waves
Bouncy curls or beachy waves

There are so many ways to add curls into your hair. Like for easy overnight curls, use a donut bun. Allow your hair to dry into a bun and wake-up with beautiful curls. Another way to roll the hair sections into rollers secured with bobby pins. Let it air dry and get the loose curls after removing pins.

You can also use hair styling tools like iron rods that are most widely used to curl hair. Use a curling wand in a ponytail and then remove the hair tie. Separate your hair strands with fingers. If you are using straightener, use it in a way so that iron back itself and runs down the length of hair.

  • Messy or intricate braids
Messy or intricate braids

Braids look beautiful with long hair. You can style your hair in different types of braids. Out of all messy braids look great and give the illusion of thick hair. You can try messy fishtail or make a french braid. Start with traditional style by crossing strands. Then gently tug the sections when you are done to make it appear fuller.

A waterfall braid is also an easy going hairstyle that gives your hair a beautiful look. This braid is a version of french style and braided along the hairline. After doing all the cross sections secure the ends with bobby pins.

  • Fancy updos
Fancy updos

Updos are very easy and time-saving hairstyles. There is no need for any professionalism to make a hair bun or sleek updo. Simply twist your hair length around the hair tie and place it securely. You can also style it in a messy type of bun. If you are fond of bandanas, loosely tuck your sections into hairbands to create a good style. You can also try a sleek chignon secured with bobby pins.

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