Tips for Buying a wedding dress from China

Tips for Buying a wedding dress from China

It’s no secret that China is the new digital hub when it’s coming to shopping online and the wedding dress is no different. Wedding dresses from China or products from China are often criticized due to low quality, long delivery time, and countless other reasons. Yet, one thing remaining which is China offers the cheapest price for literally anything. Buy a wedding dress from China is budget-friendly considering that the average price of a wedding dress in the US and Canada is $1600.

If you landed on this article chances are that you are asking yourself “should I buy a wedding dress from China”. Well, it’s risky nonetheless but we will provide you with the right tips to ensure your experience with buying a wedding dress from China won’t end as a trainwreck. So let’s jump right in.

Tip 1: Constant communication with the supplier.

If you have ever done online shopping on Alibaba or Aliexpress then you would the similar that the supplier would often not comprehend the point you are trying to start. You can give different specification and when your package arrives it’s different. That’s because the details get lost in translation. Most suppliers use translator apps for communication and that would lead to difficulty understanding the consumers’ requests.

When ordering a wedding dress from China ensure that you are in constant communication with the supplier. Make sure that they are clear with sizes, lengths, and other necessary details of the wedding dress. Failure to establish constant communication with the supplier would result in a trainwreck.

Tip 2: Demanding a possible delivery date before ordering for the Wedding dress.

If you on a subreddit called r/aliexpress, you would see lots of people complaining about receiving their order 6 months after purchase, some individuals even forgot they made a purchase in the first place.

It’s important to get a possible delivery date that it’s within your comfort zone when buying a wedding dress from China. This will ensure that you can hold the supplier responsible for a delay in delivery(and possibly ask for a refund) while also pushing the supplier to find a better delivery service to meet up with the delivery date.

Tip 3: Ask for the actual picture of the wedding dress.

The pictures on display in the store don’t tell the whole story about the wedding dress. The pictures have been enhanced, color corrected, shape-fitting, and more. You would need to go the extra mile and request the actual picture of the wedding dress not the pictures on display in the store.

After viewing the actual pictures of the wedding dress, then can you determine where it’s safe to make an order.

Tip 4: Alibaba and Aliexpress are not the only options.

Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Dhgate are not the only places that you can shop for wedding dresses online. Alibaba, Aliexpress and Dhgate are mostly for bulk purchases. When shopping for a wedding dress use other retail platforms such as Taobao and Tmall. There are countless other online branded stores located in China that offer high-quality wedding dresses and ship globally. Online stores such as the DressMaid store and Dressafford just to mention a few.

The advantage of buying outside the popular Chinese online market website is easy communication, fast shipping (due to freedom of selecting delivery service) and faster refund time.

Tip 5: Too good to be true.

There is a notion that people have when shopping from China, that everything can be bought at an extremely cheap price. That can be said to be true yet the quality of the product being bought would always match the price tag.

When shopping for a wedding dress in China avoid outrageous discounts and prices. Avoid grabbing headlines such as a 90% discount or $20 for a wedding dress. The only possible time that discounts such as this can be genuine in China is during the Chinese cyber-discount on November 11th popularly know as 11-11 in China.


When buying a wedding dress from China, maintain constant communication with your supplier. Make sure all the details are fully understood to avoid a trainwreck. Always ask about the delivery time before making the purchase on to ensure the wedding dress arrives at the appropriate time. The real picture of the wedding dress should be a priority when making a decision on buying.

That will ultimately show a clearer picture of the wedding dress. Try other Chinese stores that use verified e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Their services are up to standard compared to other Chinese market websites like Alibaba and Aliexpress. Be cautious of the price because the wedding dress will always match the price tag. We have provided you with the necessary tips for buying a wedding dress from China, now the ball is in your court.

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