Common Issues That Every Woman Faces In Fresh Relationship
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Common Issues That Every Woman Faces In Fresh Relationship

We’ve all heard the clichés about how men are clueless. And while that may be true for some guys, it’s often not the case! Women often face unique obstacles when trying to figure out what should happen in their relationships, and sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether or not you’re doing anything wrong. But don’t worry; these issues are things that everyone goes through. Read on to find out what they are and how to deal with each one when you already know that there are some issues with every Woman Faces In Fresh Relationship!

  • First off- communication styles:

communication styles differ between men and women, but generally speaking, women tend to ask a lot of questions before they consider themselves comfortable enough to move forward with someone. And while this can lead to a lot of uncertainty and nervousness, it is important to ask these questions, because otherwise, you may never learn what your partner is really thinking.

Men tend to be more direct and straightforward with their thoughts and feelings, which makes them open and honest. This can be one of the things that women appreciate most about their male counterparts and makes for some truly enjoyable conversations!

  • Biological clock:

while men and women are very different in both ways, there are some things that are pretty much universal. One of them is the biological clock; it’s something that doesn’t change no matter how long you know someone or how much time has passed since you entered into a relationship. In short- men and women can’t be together until they “physically mature” and reach a point where their reproductive system is able to support parenthood. While this differs from person to person, generally it’s something that should be expected after a while.

  • Finances:

things can get complicated when it comes to finances, but in the end, the truth is that the same way we work out what we want in our lives and what we can handle or not handle financially, our partners must also come to terms with the same limitations. If you’re in a situation where you feel hindered by financial issues, try making sure your partner feels equally hurt by his lack of ability to contribute financially. Being open about your feelings and explanations can make a huge difference. A new study presented by Cornell University suggests that most men are unfaithful to women who earn more! This is also one of the main issues for break-ups.

  • Family:

You may want to include your family and friends when it comes to discussing things like these because they can be an important source of support and help when times get difficult. Not only that, but you often don’t even realize how much you rely on them for day-to-day tasks if it wasn’t for their help! If you’re concerned about how your family will feel about your relationship, talk to them by themselves first to find out if they have any concerns or issues that they might want to bring up.

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  • Jealousy:

Women are often more prone to jealousy than men, but that doesn’t mean that the problem is worse for you or your partner! Jealousy can often occur as a result of feelings of insecurity and a lack of trust, so the key is to not be afraid of these feelings and to try to understand why they’re occurring.

  • Sharing & Conversation:

Communicating is often one of the hardest things about relationships, especially when you’re trying to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. Often times communication will come up in arguments or will be based on food, movies, etc.; both of these situations can be difficult to handle. Men are often more direct when trying to communicate their thoughts, while women like to talk things through first.

But while some men like to keep everything private, some women find it easier to discuss what they’re feeling with their partners. If you want to start a deep conversation with your boyfriend, then don’t worry, I got your back! Here are 50+ deep things to say to your boyfriend when bored.

How To Cope-Up With This Relationship Issues?

So, if you’ve been going through struggling with these common issues that every woman faces in fresh relationship, here’s how you can cope up with them.

1. Be Direct

When it comes to your childless friends and the first time you meet a man, it’s good to consider being direct about what you want from a relationship right from the start. Communicating exactly what your needs are and what you want from a man will do wonders for your relationships! Share your feelings every time with him and ask deep questions to him, just don’t ask questions related to his job or salary.

2. Planning

It is highly recommended that a couple should go out for a short trip at least once a month. See, living in a city and following a busy schedule can be stressful sometimes and will affect your relationships. Therefore, you should go to some hill station or go hiking just to refresh both of your mind and as well as your bond.

3. Expenses

When it comes to finances, split your expenses 50:50. This will make your boyfriend realize that you care for finances and believe in equity. It will make him more comfortable to manage his expenses with you.

4. Surprises

If you are in a long-term relationship, you might have known that your boyfriend loves surprises. Just surprise your boyfriend at least twice a month with things like a premium watch, suit, laptop, a pet, etc.  This will make your boyfriend think that you care for him so much and eventually this will increase your relationship bond.

5. Being Organized

An organized and clean home is essential for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, make sure your house is clean and organized. This will not only increase your relationship but will also make you feel relaxed whenever you come back to your house after a long day at work.

6. Be Patient and Timely

If your boyfriend is late by 15-20 minutes for some reason, don’t forget to understand him and do not get angry with him too soon. Just keep waiting for him patiently and eventually, he will come back to you on time next time around.


Is He Truly Right For Me? So, here’s the final verdict. Now that you know what’s really going on between you and your partner, you can make a much better decision about whether he is truly right for you. If you think that he’s right for you, then don’t think too much about your concerns. Just go with it and enjoy your relationship.

If you’re not quite sure yet, then spend some time to better understand the issues that are creating negative emotions between you and yourself. Take some more time to go through this checklist for more detailed information about what these common relationship problems are all about.

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