Best Leather Bags for Autumn 2020

Best Leather Bags for Autumn 2020

Bags are the quintessential fashion statement for every woman. They enhance your attire and make you stand out among a crowd. For a long time, bags were considered as essential commodities that you need for carrying your everyday essentials. But, with time, bags evolved into stylish pieces of accessories that adorned every hand. Go out, and you won’t find anyone without a bag. That’s how essential bags are.

People often think that bags are suitable for women. It is a misconception because designers are trying to make unisex bags that even men can flaunt with style. From the ‘man purse’ to messenger bag, there is no dearth of options for men. All you need is confidence, and you will be able to carry any bag with style.

Now, before you go overboard and buy every bag that you can see, you need to understand what makes a bag different from others. Of course, there is the style aspect that makes certain bags stand out from others. But, there are other factors too, like design, material, size, and intended usage. No two bags are the same unless they have been made to be copies of each other. Let’s look at some materials before showing you the types of bags you can go for.

What materials are perfect for bags?

The earliest forms of bags were made from lambskin or animal hides. Pieces of animal hides were sewn together using coarse thread to form durable bags.

Not only are animal hides cruel, but they also require more effort for processing. Increased awareness of the cruelty meted out to animals led to the reduction in the use of animal hides for making bags. Here are the best materials that handbags are made of.

  • Cotton

Cotton is the most widely used materials for making bags because of its durability and agility. It is a lightweight material that feels good against the skin and won’t cause any rashes even after regular use.

From casual bags to formal backpacks, cotton is a versatile material that you can use anywhere you want. The best benefit of owning a cotton bag is that it is easy to clean. Unlike other materials, cotton can be washed in the machine and dried under the sun.

  • Denim

Denim is slowly catching up as an all-purpose material. Earlier denim was only used for clothing, but now even bag manufacturers are using it for their products. Usually, you will find denim in backpacks and shoulder bags. The main reason behind using denim is its rich indigo color and washed effect. You can also customize your denim bags by adding brooches and pins.

  • Nylon

Nylon is a popular material for bags as you can wash it and it doesn’t even tear easily. As nylon is synthetic, you don’t have to worry about hurting animals for procuring it. Nylon also allows for many variations as it is lightweight and can bear a significant amount of strain. It is usually used for making shoulder and luggage bags.

  • Leather

Now we come to the ultimate material for making bags. Leather is the most used material in the history of humankind. From totes to bucket bags, a good piece of leather can make the most beautiful bags. It is widely used because of its durability, strength, and conforming abilities. Although faux leather is in use, people still prefer original leather for their bags.

Why are leather bags fashionable?

Leather bags aren’t mere fashion statements; they are heirloom products. A classy leather bag will last you many years without showing visible signs of damage. Full-grain leather is more beneficial because it is more durable than other varieties of leather.

Also, a full-grain leather bag ages beautifully. Instead of getting old after a few years, a leather bag shows deeper hues and looks shinier than before. It is this reason why people prefer to buy leather bags.

When it comes to leather bags, you will be spoilt for choice. They have also made it to top fashion magazines like Vogue, where models carried them with aplomb.

The latest season of autumn fashion shows around the world has featured leather bags in a lot of ways. Currently, floral leather bags are trending in all fashion runways. Let’s see the different types of leather bags that you must own this season.

Best leather bags to buy this autumn

  • Bucket bag
Bucket bag

Combining comfort with style is the primary purpose of a bucket bag. Major fashion brands have used bucket bags for all their seasonal trends. This autumn, the trend continues as leading brands are coming up with stylish versions of bucket bags to fill your autumn collection. A bucket bag looks best in a single tone, so don’t try to combine different colors.

  • Crossbody bags
Crossbody bags

You must have seen these bags everywhere around you. They are super comfy and also carry a lot of essentials like lipstick, money purse, sanitizer, and keys. You can roam around freely without engaging your hands. While picking out a crossbody bag, check the length of the strap. Buy a bag with an adjustable strap for better comfort.

  • Tote bag
Tote bag

Totes are a must-have for every woman. These roomy and big bags are perfect for carrying all your everyday items without misplacing them. From water bottles to notebooks, totes can take almost anything in them. Buy a tote bag with multiple chains for better comfort.

  • Clutch bag
Clutch bag

If you want to make a style statement without doing much, a clutch bag would be your best option. It is flat and doesn’t take up much space. You can carry your phone and money efficiently in a clutch. The best way to carry a clutch is by holding it in your hand.

  • Shoulder strap bag
Shoulder strap bag

These are the most comfortable bags that you can buy. Long straps ensure that you get enough freedom for moving around as you like. Smaller versions of shoulder bags are also known as sling bags. Large strap bags are the best because they don’t put pressure on your shoulders.

Whether it’s a fancy party or a casual day out with friends, a beautiful bag will always be your best companion. While buying a bag, make sure to check its zippers so that you can guess how much time you will take for accessing your essentials. Go for floral prints this autumn to cheer up your surroundings.

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