Choose the Best from Coco Chanel Handbags

Choose the Best from Coco Chanel Handbags

There is no doubt that Chanel has the best collection of Handbags and even all products. Coco Chanel is the top brand for handbags with superior quality and contemporary looks. When you are decided to invest in a quality bag then you choose the best one from the Coco Chanel handbags range with no regrets.

Chanel offers you the best range with shoulder bags to small zip pouches to keep your secret stuff. You may pick the best for all occasions to team up with your outfits to upgrade the trend with your fashion. We’ve gathered the top luxury Coco Chanel handbags popular range for the fashion lovers.

1 Mini Flap Bags

Flap Bags-Chanel

The Flap Bag from Chanel is the most trending and luxurious accessories suitable for almost every outfit and occasion. The brand offered a traditional Flap bag 2.55 in 1955 as a historical fashion trending bag and in 2005 it celebrated the 50 years of the adorable model. But then the Flap bag becomes a fashion and even now it is using in different models. And the Mini Flap bag is amazing to touch the team with all outfits.

2 Small Hobo Bags

Small Hobo Bags from Chanel

The beautiful small Hobo bag from Chanel comes in different four shades – Pink, White, Black, and Gold with pearl imitation. This will tune-up with your daily casual wear outfits, cute tiny piece looks too adorable. When you think to invest for the long-term then this can lead you to the right decision for your daily use lifestyle.

3 Mini Drawstring Bag

Mini Drawstring Bag from Chanel

Elegant look Mini Drawstring Bag from Chanel for the perfect looks with every outfit. This is a small bucket-style bag with an open-top which is named as Drawstring. Available colors in these models are Black, White, and pink. Pearl chain link strap is the add-on to style carrying your bag over your shoulder or cross-body.

4 Classic Handbags

Classic Handbags Chanel

The classic handbags are version 11.2 and launched in 1983 as a luxurious range. The feature of the classic bag is the double Flap with a chain shoulder strap interlocked with a “C” closure. The best pick from various designs and colors for stunning women and adore your personality with the perfect gaze.

Gabrielle Small Backpack

Gabrielle Small Backpack

Beautiful small bag pack model for picnic or outing from Chanel. Gabrielle Small Backpack is so elegant and adorable for its luxury styling. This is worth investing in for the perfect backpack to buy for you or even to gift your loved ones with a unique piece.

Chanel Boy Bag

Boy Bag

Chanel introduced the models of Boy Bag in 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld for the Coco Chanel lovers with fashion forwarding style. The concept was inspired by the hunters using cartridge bags with fashion editions in Boy bags. Beautiful edging bags with a chain strap for shoulders or cross-body, worth investing in fashion bags.


Evening Bags

Evening Bags

The fashion brand Chanel introduced the Evening bag for parties and events with fashion outfits. Come with a dual bag concept, the outer is gold-tone metal and the inner is black lambskin small bag. The modern look of dual evening bag with party touch chain straps shoulder or cross-body for evening events and parties.

Belt/Waist Bags

Waist Bags

 The waist or belt bags are trending in the fashion sphere with casual wear outfits. It sounds like the relaxing and funky styling to carry the stuff without getting the stuff on the shoulders and suitable to get this for jogging, exercise, picnic, parties, adventures, etc. You just need to tie the bag on your waist and you are all set to go.

9 Tote Bag

Tote bag chanel

Very popular Tote bags for travelers and explorers to carry for shopping. The big size construction with style is perfect to carry your belongings or shopping. Although Chanel discontinues the Tote bag in 2015 due to its plenty size, which was aspiring for the most fashion-loving women. Especially for the working women could carry their essential belongings for easy handle.

10 Clutch

Clutch Chanel

The perfect option for events and parties to carry with party outfits. That does not practically come in a bag option but eventually, it is a chic clutch bag. You may choose the party look clutch to tune-up with your party dress like silver-toned or metallic silver crumpled with detachable shoulder straps.

11 Perfume Bag

Perfume Bag Chanel

The Chanel no.5 perfume-shaped bags launched in 2013 with iconic looks. The unique range from Chanel is the Perfume glass bottle-shaped handbags for real fashion lovers. This is the ultimate creation and model from Coco Chanel. Any fashion lover can be a trendsetter by carrying a trendy bag from the best of the Chanel brands.

Wrapping-Up You may choose one or more but you will look determined with a collection of handbags from the top brand Coco Chanel. Did you like the stunning collection from Chanel, must share bu your comments.


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