How to Maintain Bamboo Bowls in Kitchen?
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How to Maintain Bamboo Bowls in Kitchen?

Bamboo bowls are an excellent and eco-friendly utensil for any kitchen and it is important to maintain Bamboo Bowls correctly. One can use them for enhancing kitchen looks or can use them for serving food or salad. No matter what, they are sophisticated regardless of time.

Belongs to a rapid-growing grass family, bamboo is more potent than many other hardwoods. Bamboo-made items are recyclable and nature-friendly. They are also cheap rather than other fancy kitchen wares.

But one should maintain the bamboo bowls properly. Then they will last long as a part of your kitchen things.

bamboo bowls
bamboo bowls
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Here we will discuss how you can take proper care of your bamboo bowls. Let’s begin:

  • Initial Cleaning:

Bamboo bowls should be cleaned just after you served anything in them. Unlike other kitchen utensils, bamboo bowls are delicate. So, they can’t resist detergent or hard dishwasher. You also can’t keep it dip in the water for long because bamboo may swell.

So, for cleaning the bowl, you need to wipe it out at first. Then with gentle soap, wash the bowl in warm water. Avoid rubbing it with scrubbers. Instead, you go for soft sponges to clean them. Remember, don’t put them in automated dishwasher machines.

After you complete the washing, rinse them and wipe them with a cotton kitchen towel. Let the bowls dry entirely. Then only place them in your kitchen cupboard.

  • Routine Care:

Bamboo bowls tend to dry out and get cracks. So, you have to take some additional care to prevent them from drying. You need to apply some oil on the bowls roughly after a fifteen-day gap. Remember, don’t treat them with a heavy oil coating.

Now you might be thinking about which type of oil is suitable for caring bamboo bowls. Well, you need to apply food-grade mineral oil, or you can use beeswax combined food-grade mineral oils. But in case you don’t prefer beeswax kinds of fat, you can choose regular food-grade oils. But please avoid nut oils.

Now how you will treat your bowls with oils is also very crucial. Take a soft kitchen towel or tissue, and help coat the oil gently on the bowls. After oil application is made, you need to keep them aside to soak entirely. It may take one hour, but if you want your bowls to absorb the oil properly, then set them aside for a night. The bamboo bowls will soak the amount of oil they need till then. Next morning, again wipe the bowls with a soft cotton cloth to remove extra oils, if any, and place them back on your kitchen shelf.

By caring for your bowls in the mentioned way, you can ensure their longevity.


  • Some Crucial Fact to Remember:

Although bamboo bowlsare strong and durable, some should be paid attention to to prevent their early decay. Here are some vital do’s and don’ts:

Never place the bowls inside the microwave as they are not micro-safe. Therefore, always keep the food in a micro-safe bowl for heating them.

Don’t transfer too much hot food directly into the bowl as bamboo can’t resist too hot and too wet things. It may decline your bowls life-cycle.

Please use them for serving salads and not for serving soups. Never store them at damp places. Ensure that where you will place your bamboo bowls in the kitchen, the area is dry, and air can pass around there. Don’t place them on after the other.  In case you have a scarcity of space and have to keep them like this, then place a tissue under every bowl to prevent moisture formation.

  • Other Important Issues:

As you can’t scrub these bowls, they might feel sticky sometimes. This is nothing but the lair of extra vegetable oil. To remove the stickiness, apply lemon juice to the bowls and then clean and rinse them. Then put some refined oil into them.

Lemon is also perfect for removing food smells that sometimes linger on. You can also remove stains on the bowls with the help of lemon juice. But if you keep on treating your bowls with oils, you can keep your bowls away from stains.


Bamboo bowls are incredibly stylish kitchen utensils of recent times. They are elegant, sober, and classy. Only follow the ways mentioned above to care and keep using bamboo bowls for a long time. 


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