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10 Popular Hairstyles That Every Man Should Try

10 Popular Hairstyles That Every Man Should Try

Many people say that men’s footwear is the first thing women fix their eyes on, but we’d disagree on that. If we talk about the location on the body, then it’s the hair.

Do you still not believe us? Ok, hang on!

Just imagine, you’ve dressed up as a hero with white leather sneakers, but your hairstyle is untidy. The score you’ll get out of 10 is 4! But do not despair; we are here to increase your scores.

You can even approach renowned hairdressers in South Yarra, Australia, to get a new stylish look. But before that, read on the blog to get acquainted with 10 popular hairstyles that you should give a try.

1 The Long Fringe

Long Fringe haircut

Nowadays, longer styles have become a fashionable trend. If you are young, then style your hair with this thick and textured fringe on top coupled with a low taper fade on the sides. But before you pay money for this hairstyle, you need to make sure that your top hair (fringe) has enough length to let it become wavy.

2 The French Crop

French Crop haircut

If you’ve thinner hair and want low-maintenance styling, then go no further than the french crop hairstyle. From undercuts to curls and fades, this styling will help you to look dapper. Additionally, it is perfect for you if you are a swimmer as you can wear it without any styling products. But do not skip to learn about how to protect your hair while swimming.

3 The Crew Cut

Crew Cut haircut

Getting a stylish yet practical hairstyle was hard to find until we got this crew cut. It is truly the best of both world because it’s not only easy to maintain but also looks great. You can try pairing your crew cut style with faded sides as it will make your face seem more mature. And yes, one more thing – it works well on all sorts of face shapes.

4 The High Fade with Fohawk and Design

High Fade with Fohawk and Design haircut

When it comes to fade haircut, there is an end number of variations of hair designs. You can blend it with renowned fohawk and design. It’ll look versatile. No matter you pick a high, mid, low, bald, or taper on the sides, a fade works well with any modern short cut for men.

5 The Slick Back

Slick Back haircut

The slicked back hairstyle has re-emerged as a contemporary favourite. If you have straight hair along with a beard or moustaches, then go for this hairstyle. You need to taper the back and sides of your hair, but if you are planning to do undercut, then opt for disconnection. However, if you’ve got a receding hairline, then this hairstyle won’t be ideal as it will make a recession far more prominent.

6 The Side Parting

Side Parting haircut

You can’t go wrong with a side part as it is a low-maintenance and timeless hairstyle. If you’ve voluminous hair, then create a section and flip your hair over to one side. To add extra volume to your locks, do dry shampoo, and create depth and height to your hair. This side parting hairstyle is so sleek that it will turn a few heads.

7 The Bro Flow

Bro Flow haircut

Guys, if you are fond of long hair and need to carry out the same in the office, then this bro flow style is just for you. No matter you are a base player, skater, or a preppy man, this style will provide you rugged yet sophisticated appearance. It’s genuinely a stylish choice for gents of all the ages.

8 The Topknot

Topknot haircut

Some hair goes up while some hair goes down – a perfect equation. Yes, man, we are talking about the topknot style with a variation on the man bun along with the full beard. If you already have undercut, then try opting for the tied-up ponytail concept. And experience the evidence of ladies from all over the world felling head over heels over your new look.

9 The Quiff

Quiff haircut

Whether you are gearing up for a date night or a client presentation, the quiff hairstyle will become your styling statement. To get this look, you will need at least 3 inches of hair on top of your head. Then ask your barber to cut down the sides into a taper fade. You also have the option of a high, low, mid, or skin fade. So, wear this iconic style and make a good impression on everyone around you.

   10 The Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut haircut

For those who have shorter hair, the buzz cut is a simple yet stylish look to try. With hairdressers having been closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, many celebrities had made this look trending. You can even give a shot by shaving all your hair down with a clipper. If you are planning to go to your barber, then do ask them whether it will suit your face shape or not. Also, if you have any large bumps or scars, even larger ears, then this look will make them stick out even more.

Get a post-lockdown look!

The COVID-19 lockdown has made a drastic transformation amongst all in terms of looks. Some of you must have a messy hairdo along with a fuzzy beard while some must have opted for a salt and pepper look. So, with the world getting back to normalcy, your hairstyle should also get a modification. We are sure that with the above-listed hairstyles, you’ll be able to get a smart post-lockdown look. There are many salons open now for men’s haircuts in South Melbourne that you can try it out and get a new stunning look!

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