Versatile and Best Beard Styles for Men to Try This Year
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Versatile and Best Beard Styles for Men to Try This Year

There is no doubt that beards depict confidence and machismo. A well-groomed and neat beard looks attractive and awesome. However, maintaining and growing a beard is no less difficult, it requires proper care, and opting for the right beard style according to the shape of your face is not that easy. You may end up with the questions like how to choose the best beard look as per your face shape or which beard style will suit your face shape the most or which beard style is trending this year. In other words, choosing among the best beard styles for men is no less than a task as a beard style can be a game changer for your overall look and can be the style statement for you.

10 Popular and Best Beard Styles for Men

We have made a list of universal trending and best beard styles for men that will go with almost every face type. This article will present ten popular and top beard styles look that will never go out of the trend.

1. Goatee or French Beard

French beard or goatee is one of the top beard styles that is classic and timeless. This kind of beard style normally extends from the chin area and is attached to the mustache. This beard style is easy to grow and style. French cut beard looks cool and provides the best beard look. This beard style never goes out of trend as it is the oldest style of beard and still trending. Moreover, this is an ideal look for a beard for round face.

2. Stubble beard

The stubble beard style is one of the universal and versatile beard types that suits almost every face type. Whether looking for beard styles for fat face or round face, this is an ideal choice and requires no specific care and maintenance. The stubble beard is a light yet impressive style of beard and a decent choice for lazy men as it does not need to be shaved every day.

3. Natural Beard Look

An ideal beard looks for all men who are blessed with decent beard growth. It is one of the informal and easiest beard styles. Following your organic beard line, precisely trim the strays on your cheek and neck area. The natural beard style requires periodic trimming and cutting for a precise and natural look.

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4. Soul Patch Beard

Growing right beneath your lips, this beard style can be kept short or grown out as per your choice. The remaining areas of the face are left clean shaved and neat so that this soul patch beard look can get all eyes on it.

5. Distressed Chin Strap Beard

Creating an impression of a sharp jawline, the faded chin strap beard looks stylish. This is the classic beard style that adds versatility to your overall look. This beard look has the length of the mustache equal to the beard.

6. Salt and Pepper Beard Style

Age matters nothing when it comes to beard looks. Embracing your natural greys and letting them peep through your natural beard, the salt and pepper beard looks appealing. It is indeed a stylish way of augmenting the natural look.

7. Short Boxed Beard

A contour version of a full-fledged beard style, a short boxed beard is slightly shorter. This beard look can be effortlessly manipulated to make your jawline look sharper. This style of beard can be achieved easily in around two-four weeks.

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8. Circle Beard

Connected to the moustache creating a full sphere, a faded circle beard is like a goatee beard. It is a perfect beard style for men with angular face shapes. This beard look organically grows and fades towards the hairline making it a versatile style of beard that suits every face type with the best hairstyles. Clean and trim the edges for a precise look.

9. Pointy Beard

A pointy beard will make your face elongated as more growth is left on the chin area. Trim the length pointy and create crisp angles to acquire the point beard look. If you have a short face, this beard style will create an illusion of a longer face.

10. Bushy & Craggy Beard

This is the comfiest and the best beard style for men who are blessed with luscious and good growth. The shaggy rugged beard look is an ideal beard for round face, fat face, or oval or triangular face. It does not require crisp and precise trimming and is easy to style.

These are the universal, safest and best beard looks to play with if you have no idea about your face shape. Try and test these beard styles and let us know which turned out to be your favorite.

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