How to Choose The Perfect Pair Of Diamond Earrings?
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How to Choose The Perfect Pair Of Diamond Earrings?

Earrings and diamonds are two things every woman needs in her wardrobe. Earrings have been around for decades and are not going anywhere. In fact they are evolving and can match any other jewelry item including diamond beads necklaces that have become popular of late.

Jewelry has many purposes other than making ears look more attractive. They provide the wearer with a professional aura that surrounds them and helps them do their job and look formal. Shopping for these special items is not an easy task as the earrings not only have to look good but should also pass various quality tests and still fit in your budget.

Diamond earrings

Diamonds are unique natural gemstones that increase the appeal of any jewellery item. Diamonds of various qualities can be included in an earring in many forms. The most common one being diamond studded earrings.

This category of diamonds features fancy cut diamonds set in a metal earring. Women love them so much because they can be worn with any clothing for any occasion. They are even formal enough to be worn to the office, with just a touch of casual characteristics.

Do not ignore the 4 C”s when buying diamond earrings

Every diamond is judged based on its characteristics, these characters are broadly based on the four C”s of diamond grading introduced by GIA.

Carat weight

Carat weight in the diamond world describes the weight of the diamond. This term “carat” is just a simplified word for mass. In regular weight measurements, one carat is equal to 0.2 grams.

When picking out diamond earrings, make sure each diamond is at least 0.5 carats in weight. You can choose higher or lower depending on your personal preference. The higher the carat weight, the price is likely to increase exponentially. As the weight doubles, the price also doubles so choose carefully.


Clarity of a diamond is important since a diamond must live up to its crystal clear appearance. Clarity determines the quality of a diamond based on the imperfections both inside and on the surface of the diamond.

Internal inclusions and external blemishes lower the price and value of a diamond. Diamonds for earrings do not have to be of the highest grade. They should be of good quality somewhere in the middle of the clarity scale.


Diamonds are known for their transparent and sparkling nature. Anything deviating from this is not as attractive. Even the slightest hue can completely change the value of a diamond.

Faint hues are not appreciated but dark-colored diamonds are considered fancy diamonds that are highly valued. For studded diamond earrings, clear white diamonds are the most popular. They are a staple jewelry option that every woman should consider as they are multi-purpose.

Diamond earrings colors
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The cut a diamond is made into is important since it determines how much sparkle your diamond will have. The cut is the way a diamond is craftily cut to maximize the amount of light that enters the diamond.

The higher the number of facets the better since these “faces” work to reflect light back at the observer. This is how poor cut diamonds appear less sparkly. It is important to understand that cut influences the brilliance and fit of a diamond. Without these properties, diamonds would appear dull and dark. Diamond cuts to choose from include:

  • Round brilliant cut- this is the best diamond cut as there are several facets which offer the highest degree of light reflection.
  • Princess cut- the princess cut is popular in jewellery since it’s sparkle is not focused at the center like other diamonds, it even sparkles from the corner as well.
  • Cushion cut- this timeless cut resembles a cushion, hence the name. It has rounded edges and corners making it appear more attractive in addition to its sparkle.
  • Emerald cut- Emerald cut diamonds are renowned for their step-cut facets which give a unique design when seen by the reflected light.

Diamond settings to maximize their appearance

A diamond setting is the design of the metal and its shape that will house the diamond. There are several different diamond setting options to choose from, here are a few options. 

  • Prong setting

Here, long metal structures hold the diamond in place above them. It is the most common diamond setting seen in all types of jewellery.

  • Halo setting

A central diamond acts as the showstopper, while smaller stones accompany this diamond.

  • Solitaire setting
  • A solitaire setting consists of a single diamond being the hero of the design. They usually have a simple design and are the most affordable. 


The metal selected is just as important as the diamonds since the stones will be set into these metal moulds. If you have certain allergies relating to metal, you will want to assure that metal is completely excluded from the earrings. Metals that do not corrode or rust are the best option.

This guarantees that the earrings will retain their appearance for many years to come.


Setting a budget is important since it stops you from spending too much and exceeding your limit. When buying diamonds it is possible to overpay for an undervalued pair of diamond earrings. This is why you need to do a bit of research before setting a realistic budget. What might seem reasonable to you is not justifiable until you see prices on the market.

Insist on certifications

It is no secret that fake diamonds are circulating in some countries. For this reason, it is important that you insist on seeing certifications that assure all the diamonds are real and legitimate. Never buy a diamond without the documents which state that the diamonds are approved from a renowned diamond grading institute. The most popular institute is GIA.


Diamond earrings are an irresistible jewellery item but you should always shop for something that looks good on you instead of just buying a pair of earrings that fit your budget. Keep this in mind while you shop and you may not have to deal with regret and remorse!

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