Get That Celebrity Look with This Toxin-free Nude Lipstick!
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Get That Celebrity Look with This Toxin-free Nude Lipstick!

Thanks to the Kardashians, nude lipstick is one of the staple items in every makeup kit. Given the hype around this fashion-forward, no-fuss trend, it looks like it is here to stay. And why not? These bare lip colors look elegant and classy and at the same time, perfectly complement the no-makeup look that is trending all over social media at the time. Nude lip shade can work wonders in formal and professional settings and works like a charm on special occasions. 

celebrities flaunt nude lip colors

Closer to home, many celebrities flaunt nude lip colors at parties and on red carpets. Not to forget, the nude shade rocks their effortless airport looks too. The following sections will tell you about nude lipsticks and how to wear them for that stunning celebrity look.

What are nude lipsticks?

So, what are nude lip shades, and how are they different from other available colors? 

Unlike vivid and bright lipsticks, nude lipstick resembles the natural color of your lips or is very close to a person’s natural skin tone. Therefore, a nude shade of lipstick will give a more natural essence to the lips, compared to other bright and bold-colored shades. 

Nude lip shades can range from pale colors to darker ones. They include beige, pink, light and dark browns, tan shades, and sometimes even berries. 

What is the point of wearing nude/beige lipstick when it is almost like the original color of your lips or skin? These lipsticks are meant to give your lips a sleek and finished look, minus the bright and popped tinge. It will add an elegant touch to enhance your lips without paying too much attention to them. They go particularly well with certain looks like smokey eye makeup. Instead of competing for attention, your lips will complement the whole look. 

How to choose the right nude lipstick for yourself?

A nude look works like a charm when you pick the appropriate nude shade of lipstick. What’s more? It looks good on most complexions. So what makes one shade work like magic while the others don’t? With many nude lip shades available, finding the one that suits your skin tone may get confusing.

To find your perfect match, keep the following in mind:

  • Know your skin tone

One of the most crucial things while choosing a nude lip shade is to know your skin tone, which is your surface skin color. There are three main skin tone categories:

  • Darker Skin Tones: Darker skin tones include the deepest and darkest complexions. For such skin tones, dark and richer shades of nude will look exceptionally beautiful. 

Mamaearth’s gorgeous moisture matte lipstick shades like Plum Punch or Cinnamon Nude are some shades that can elegantly enhance dark complexions. 

  • Medium Skin Tones: Medium skin tones include a wide range of skin tones, from medium light to tan and olive. For such skin tones, nude lip shades that are either slightly darker or lighter than the skin tones work perfectly well. 

Mamaearth’s Moisture Matte Lipstick Shades like Raspberry Scarlet or Pink Lemonade are some good nude lip shades for medium skin tones.

  • Fair or Light Skin Tones: Fair skin tones are the ones that fall on the lightest spectrum of the tone range. This kind of skin tone tends to have a cool complexion.

A lighter skin tone will imbibe a warmer complexion. Pink and blushy nudes go best with such skin tones. Mamaearth matte nude lip shades like Pink Tulip or Candyfloss Pink are some shades to enhance and bring out the best in fair or light Skin tones.

Expert tips for a better look

Just like a black outfit can charm all events, the same goes for nude lip shades. These lipsticks can work their way up for all kinds of looks.

  • Bold and Darker Eye Makeup

Makeup focusing more on the eyes can be best paired with nude/tan/beige colored lipsticks. Bold and smokey eye looks will be stunning with nude lip shades.

  • Simpler and Natural Looks 

While nude lip color complements bold and dark makeup looks, the opposite is true. On the other hand, nude-type lipstick can do wonders for simpler and more natural makeup looks. You often would not want to pair your simple makeup with a bold lipstick shade.

However, combining a look that involves light blush and a simple winged eyeliner with a nude lip color can help you achieve a more natural look. 

  • Keeping up with the celebs

If you are looking for a nude lipstick that can be your BFF and help you ace all kinds of formal and party looks for you, you can trust Mamaearth’s Moisture Matte Cinnamon Nude. Made with natural and organic ingredients like Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, the lipstick moisturizes and provides antioxidant benefits to the lips.  

These long-stay matte lipsticks have a lightweight formula and can last up to 12 hours. Cinnamon Nude is one of the nine glamorous shades available in this range of lipsticks. 

Best Oil Control Face Powder

When you apply makeup, the pores of your skin become vulnerable to getting clogged. Clogged with makeup, oil, dirt, and environmental pollution, your skin can develop pimples. This brings in the need to use toxin-free, oil-controlling products. For an even skin tone, use an oil control face powder that can eliminate excess oil and allow your makeup to last longer.

Mamaearth’s Glow Oil Control Compact is India’s first talc-free compact that helps you have a flawless matte finish. Infused with the goodness of Vitamin C and turmeric, the face powder gives your face a natural glow and fights inflammatory damage. The SPF 30 compact has four shades to match all skin tones – Nude Glow, Almond Glow, Creme Glow, and Ivory Glow.

Get your glam on!

The nude lip color trend is huge, and many celebrities embrace it. You can get it too! Try the nude lipstick colors from Mamaearth, which were designed to complement Indian skin tones. Avocado oil and vitamin E contained in Mamaearth’s Moisture Matte Longstay Lipsticks nurture and hydrate your lips. The lightweight composition of the lipsticks holds moisture for up to 8 hours. Combine that with talc-free face powder to maintain your radiance all day. All Mamaearth products are cruelty-free, made with the best natural practices, and involve no toxins.

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